Gary The Rat

Gary The Rat was an animated series that aired on Spike TV back in 2003

according to Wikipedia

Gary “The Rat” Andrews is a defense attorney who awakens one morning to find that he has somehow transformed into a giant bipedal rat. Gary struggles to deal with his transformation and hold on to his status as a high-paid if mercenary, lawyer. Until Gary figures out why he’s like this he has decided to try and function the best he can in a “human” world. Outraged at his new appearance, Truman, a tenant in Gary’s expensive apartment building, has hired exterminator Johnny Bugz to get rid of Gary for good.

Grammer said of the character, “Gary the Rat has been compromising every scruple to the point that he compromises his humanity.”

I personally think the series has gotten better as time passes. Maybe back in 2003, the idea of an anthropomorphic rat was against the norm of the day. But today with the RISE of Furries and the more acceptance in society. Attitudes have greatly changed.

I think the biggest one as Gary The Rat was supposed to be adults only. But as time passes I think even a young teen would totally think this series pokes fun at everyone we seemly hate. Overbearing landlords, people who think they know better than you, bosses and of course lawyers. People still talk about that scene in Jurassic Park where that lawyer gets eaten to this day and that film came out in 1993. So why not a lawyer turned into a rat?

Gary the Rat is just plain funny, the quasi-relationship between Bugz and his cat Boots. Bugz is out to kill Gary, hired by his landlord to get rid of the rodent problem. But always seemly unwittingly helping Gary with his cases.

Really folks give Gary the Rat a try