Mom Thought “Furry Convention” Was For Dogs recently posted an article of how a mom thought a furry convention was for dogs and brought her own.

Except for this quote you have to check out the link to see all the great photos

This was an honest mistake, right? Cheryl Wassus heard that the Motor City Furry Convention was coming to town, and she thought it would be a fun opportunity to take her therapy dog, Link, out and about.

Cheryl assumed Furry equaled DOG, as plenty of people probably would, because she’d never heard of Furries: people who dress as fictional animal characters. Maybe you haven’t either.

Are NAZI Furs A Real Thing?

At this point, in all honesty, I don’t know if NAZI Furs are real or not? I know that there have been a lot of posts on social media calling for outright attacks on these Nazi Furs, along with those anti-nazi fur ribbons and buttons. Except for 1 incident at one con with possibly 3 to 5 people involved, I have heard absolutely nothing about those Nazi furs. I even have seen a post from someone claiming to be a friend of the ones that started this. Saying that this was all a joke, more a political statement given the current state of our so-called democratic country.