On Vacation

I had a chance to visit a friend in Evansville, IN and that is where I am now. Pacifically in their visitors center on their public wifi. I know I planned a bunch of things to post like Nintendo’s announcement on bringing Animal Crossing to both the Switch and 3DS. But given the warning about bandwidth before I logged on any links to such articles will have to wait until I return home next week.

Other than that my stay in Evansville has been quite a good one, it allowed me to rekindle a friendship with an old friend and see the sites. With him working most of my stay what I can do has been quite limited for many reasons I rather not get into now. So far every attraction has been great, also being a fan of thrift stores they have some excellent ones here. Notably American Thrift and the Habitat for Humanity store both are way better than anything I have seen in Chicago. The museums have been both nice and surprising it seems the city’s main museum has a steam locomotive parked in a separate building nearby. This same building even houses a horse-drawn hearse, which was Unique, to say the least.

But as for the reason for this limited post, call it 2 fold. First, my friend does not have internet and free wifi seems very limited around the area I am staying at, which is by the Ohio River. Believe me, I will get into much more detail along with photos once I return home and have a decent bandwidth.

Meanwhile, if anyone wishes to follow my adventures in Evansville a place you never been to before like me follow me on Twitter @Dr_Timefox and on Instagram @ahmarwolf

Things will return to normal late next week either Sept 20 or 21st at the very latest

As for more posts here in the meantime, it depends on a lot of factors that are completely beyond my control. All I can say is that I will try.

Thanks for both your patience and understanding.