Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Here I was planning to do so much and it comes down to 3 articles. Here is the first

I know the first thing you must be asking is why did I goto of all places Evansville, IN. The short answer is I went to visit a longtime friend who moved down here several months earlier in order to find work. In fact, they have been after me for some time to make the journey down here.

But this is fur is afraid to fly, hell I get nervous just at the airport. I swear if If I even stepped on board an airplane it would be brown trouser time. So having limited choices and since I do not drive I took Greyhound, it only took 12 hours including a layover in St. Louis that was very memorable for both good and bad reasons.

I started this journey in Chicago, my base of operations for most of my life. The trip to the Greyhound station was uneventful. Neither was my check-in, by the time it was time to board my bus. I was one of 3 passengers at the start of this journey. Of course, we picked up more passengers as the trip went on. You soon realize that there must be a connection between Greyhound and McDonalds. Reason being almost every stop we made was at one….I swear.

Really the most memorable event of the entire journey took place in St. Louis of all places. Seeing the Gateway Arch at night, next to where the St. Louis Blues play, will be something I will never forget. Like that incident at the station which is a combo station with local rapid transit, Greyhound and Amtrak. Well, what happened was this, they was a layover which meant I had to get off the bus. But when it was time to reboard it turns out I needed my ticket, which the driver took at the start of the journey. Which meant at 2 AM when all of this took place I had no choice but to get a replacement ticket. Which and I give Greyhound all the praise they deserve, especially the agent working the overnight shift. I got a replacement ticket and was finally allowed to reboard.

Other than that the only things I can mention. There were hours on this journey that you didn’t see a single light bulb. Meaning as urbanized as we think this country is that there is really a lot of open space out there. Not so much as a single farm, the same country the pioneers actually saw.

Now let that sink in.

Really the only other problem I experienced was passengers laying across the aisle in order to stretch out. Which just made it impossible to use the restroom at the end of this journey.

Anyway despite any delay we might have had we actually arrived on time.