My Trip to Evansville, IN Part 4

At this point, there really isn’t much to talk about my trip to Evansville, IN. I used the same rule I have when dining at local restaurants if it looks clean…it should be okay. No matter where I went the food was good. I had real southern sweet tea, which believes me is far better than the crap we get around here. I had biscuits and gravy for the very first time and when done well that simple dish is incredible.

Call this what this is, things I wish I knew before I left for Evansville. Pick up more pamphlets about places that interest me in the visitor’s center.

Check out more places that have free wifi.

Don’t rely on Uber or Lyft in cities as Evansville serve is spotty at best. Like that incident at the LST. Also to place the number of a local cab company on my contacts list.

Use what is available to me to check out places that interest me. I found by accident on my very last day that there was a Flea Market barely a half mile from where I was staying. This one really kills me, there was a Mini Golf/ Laser Tag place almost across the street from the Flea Market.

Here I was driving myself crazy trying to track down a physical map, which I did pick up at the Visitor’s Center. Which I hoped before I left would help me with their bus system as they don’t have a system map. I only discovered on Sunday that their bus system uses the Double Map APP to not only show you the routes but the location of the buses. Aarrgghhh!!!

Well anyway, I had a great time and I seem more relaxed than I was before my trip.

Oh I also discovered their baseball team.