Was Tony The Tiger Driven Off Twitter By Unbelievably Horny Furries?

In an article on Huffington Post

Was there something in the replies to that Oct. 23, 2017, tweet, then? After all, since that post, Tony had restricted his tweeting to straightforward customer-service replies dealing with concerned or unsatisfied customers. Where once he had bounded across the savannas of Twitter, all smirks and coiled muscle, now he had been reduced to slinking around in others’ replies, terrified of hornballs.

Did any of the replies to that final tweet chase Tony off Twitter? It’s hard to say definitively, though the fact that Tony was riding a bicycle certainly didn’t help.

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Calvin Klein cologne to lure a man-eating tiger

Wildlife officials in India are desperately trying to catch a tiger that is thought to have killed more than a dozen people — and may use a popular cologne to help stop the bloodshed.

The five-year-old female tiger, known as T1, is suspected of killing 13 people over two years near Pandharkawada, a town in the western state of Maharashtra. Three of its victims were recorded last month, wildlife officials said.

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