Komos and Goldie comic by Joe Strike and Oliver Coombes

Komos and Goldie is the kind of comic that is hard to put into just one category. This pair in this NSFW comic (not for sex, it’s just that Goldie is nude), crime fighting, South Park style humor, action, even right now I find it difficult to describe what it is with a sense of justice.

Speaking of which I remember reading in Joe Strike’s Book Furry Nation of how he had this idea for a comic based upon his fursona and what we eventually got is so very unique. I honestly think most would enjoy this no holds barred comic. Honestly, who of us hadn’t though with all some superpowers this one hero has why don’t they do X, Y or even Z. Z being turning 2 cops into horses so they could ride them to the police station.

I admit I knew nothing about the comic until I learned about Oliver Coombes on Twitter and because of National Comic Book Day I requested a free copy of Komos and Goldie and I really like the work, and was happy it was a webcomic so more people could read it, made it all the better.

I give the comic my highest rating 10/ 10

You can find the comic here on Tumblr

Author’s Reply to my humble review