Boo at the Zoo Fursuiter Gathering 2018

Every year the local fur group LAFF (Telegram Link) hosts an annual gathering of fursuiters at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL this year that gathering took place on Oct 20th. Which coincides with the Brookfield Zoo’s own Boo at the Zoo which is normally held the last 3 weekends in October.

It is really a fun event even if your not a furry as shown in these photos.

Brookfield Zoo usually gets a good crowd and everyone has a good time.


But yesterday was a bit different and the blame can solely be placed on the weather.

Everything was fine, the usual group photo was taken

Between 12:15 and 12:30 PM

This is about the same time people line up in a costume or not for the Halloween Parade

Example here

But according to reports. At 12:45 PM A cold front came through also bringing showers and everyone scrambled. The weather is normally better but they had forecasted rain for the area. That is why I believe the number of fursuiters was down this year over last.