The New Furry’s Dictionary by Simo

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This document is an attempt to catalog the slang and terminology used within the Furry fandom. The Furry community is a particularly loose association and informally organized collection of adherents sharing an interest in anthropomorphic characters in art, literature, cinema, theatre, and TV shows. There is no “Furry, Inc.” to collect references and resumes from applicants to whom it issues memberships, and to which dues are paid. There is no “Central Committee” that sits in judgement of what “is-Furry” and what is “not-Furry”; who’s “in” and who’s “out”. Nor would such a thing even be possible. Even pinning down an exact definition would be difficult. Ask twelve different Furries what “Furry” means to them, and you’re likely to get a dozen definitions. Being more a meta-genre than a distinct genre, there is considerable overlap between genres and fandoms. The story that features characters exhibiting human/animal combinations or animal heroes may easily also be classed as sci-fi, sword-and-sorcerer fantasy, a who-done-it — anything other than a biography or history, since such characters are, as of now, purely fictional. We also see this in the form of Anime “cat-girls”. Indeed, this is the stuff of recriminations, inter-fandom rivalries, on-line flame wars, and some quite nasty name-calling.

But it does have some interesting words some I never heard of before and it’s worth checking out

A Furry Wedding Vegas Style

as posted on are all the sweet and romantic wedding of Puppy Dawg and Bunny Wyld AKA Steve and Leslie

I don’t know them but I do wish both of them the very best.