Remembering Stan Lee and Fred Patten

The one thing you can say about Stan Lee that no one could argue that the man was unique.

There was and sadly only be 1 Stan Lee.

He will be missed…I kinda liked his cameos in the Marvel films.

There is a huge difference between reading the works of someone vs. actually talking to them like I did when I interviewed Fred Patten for a piece on my blog.

It was the behind the scenes stuff I wanted to include that I thought was the most interesting. It seems in his later years Fred Patten felt just plain felt overwhelmed by how the fandom grew and of also the sites like mine growing in popularity. One man operations butting heads with the Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Mr. Patten actually wanted his reviews to be spread out among these smaller operations. But had already committed himself previously to both Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Speaking of which I wonder like Mr. Patten did himself will these reviews still be used after his passing.

I will go on record asking that his reviews not be used. For a very simple reason, it just feels wrong.