PC and WordPress Issues

As some of know, I use WordPress to host my blog and to make any changes to my WordPress account they text you a verification code. The problem is I am not getting any of their text messages, and I have sent WordPress at least 3 emails about this problem and they have never gotten back to me. Which only complicates things, since the PC I use for this blog is I might have to have it’s HDD wiped and a new OS installed or worse yet get a new PC. The problem is my OS is randomly freezing, and my PC Tech friend and I have no idea what is causing it as it has passed every scan we have thrown at it. He has one more test but we will have to see what it shows us.

Given this issue and the problems, I am facing I might have to change accounts to a different web host. But I am going to have to see what happens. This also might be my last update for hopefully a little while.

I encourage everyone to follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Dr_Timefox for updates, either way, furry time dot net will still be active but I am unsure where as of right now.