Events of The Last 3 days

As I mentioned previously I had some work done on my PC which actually caused me to lose my Login data at WordPress. It has literally taken me until just a few minutes ago to log back in. I want to thank everyone for being for patient especially with MFF coming up just next week. It seems there are major changes at MFF this year, for one Registration and the number 2 stage is now in the convention center. Meanwhile, the entire lower level of the Hyatt Regency is now dedicated to gaming. Is this going to lead to a lot of confusion? I will be reporting on that at and more, I also hope to do more videos. Like the one, I posted last year something different. Speaking of different my connection to All Fur Media also means possibly LIVE reports from MFF.

More in the upcoming days

Thanksgiving Complaint

Really you know what is my BIGGEST complaint about Thanksgiving. Is when someone literally stacks your plate with food. Not letting you pick and choose what you want or even how much food you want. I was at someone’s home one year when they literally stacked 3 inches of food on my plate. That’s 3 inches high from the surface of the plate, and the entire width of that same plate. I ate it…eventually but I was so full I did not eat anything until the next day.

Really what is the point of stuffing yourself to the point of making yourself sick? I just don’t get it. I rather have a normal size serving and if I could I rather serve myself. It would make less work for those who are running it. But really the whole point of this day is to be with family and friends if possible, and not take to delight is torturing with weird and twisted tales just so you can get out of the event.

What’s so wrong in telling them that your suffering from a touch of the Black Death and you don’t feel like going. That was an actual excuse I know someone actually used. If you don’t want to go be honest. Frankly, if I got a call today from one of 3 that I kind of sorta knows. I would not go for any reason under the sun, as I can’t stand to be around them.

Eat what you want and be where you want to be. Be happy on this day if possible.