The Chinese Domain Name Scam

Recently I was contacted by this supposed company in China. They sent me an email stated that they represented a company that was planning to go world-wide using the name Furry Times (the name of my almost 10-year-old blog), and they wondered if I had any problem with that. I know it sounds crazy, wanting to see what this was about I emailed them back. They replied with a HUGE deal and once this was done that I would not be able to use the name Furry Times on my own blog or anywhere else. It was after I asked them what it would take to settle this, what I got back actually made me laugh. It was a list of Furry Times attached to a list of Chinese domain names. This is what I replied, “Your welcome to use this, as no one outside of China would even use them”. I also informed them that not only was Furry Times copyrighted in the US but also in South Africa by another party (There is a long story about that), and they would not get a single penny from me and if they wanted to use the name with my permission that they could pay me $1,000. I never heard from them again.

Still one of the strangest scams I have ever seen…also one of the dumbest.