Captain Pulsar’s Rocketship Rodents #1 Review

Published between 2004 and 2008 with a total of 6 issues? Captain Pulsar’s Rocketship Rodents makes fun of the whole scifi genre with a good dose of gay sex which is almost on every single page. Issue #1 is fun, good artwork, and an enjoyable if not a NSFW to kill a little time. What can I say the 1st issue only has 25 pages of comics. Currently available through Rabbit Valley I actually recommend this one but only if you want a good gay sex comic.

Dogpatch Press is Pro Cub Porn

The proof is in the links

Proof #1

Proof #2

Is this the end of Dogpatch Press? Many in the fandom believe cub porn is not unlike child porn, and unbelievably cub porn is legal. But I will go on record saying I do not support cub porn in any way shape or form. You will never see CP on this news blog ever. But not so much on Dogpatch Press, all it takes is a simple internet search via Google, Bing or even Duck Duck Go and you will find images of CP on Dogpatch Press.

I find it interesting that Dogpatch’s owner has kept their name private when mine is well known. I make it no secret you can find me on Wikifur and yes that is my real name. Meanwhile, Patch O’Furr or what another fursona they use has kept their real name private and has only once come out during a recent legal issue. What are they hiding? is this AKA Patch O’Furr is on some watch list? I don’t know, and I won’t even guess.

It really doesn’t matter which fandom or group you happen to belong the safety of children have become a real HUGE Deal of late. It has gotten so bad that no matter which group you belong to their is a Code of Conduct when it comes to Children and yes I am talking about anyone under the legal age of 18. I know Teens don’t consider themselves kids, that is why Sexting can send you to prison on a pedophile charge if your not careful.

I strongly believe Kids should be Kids as long as possible, and that they should not be exposed to sex until they are of LEGAL age. I know that is a bit old fashion and yes I was a teen myself, and I saw those who would later be working in the sex trade. But really that is another issue.

Cub Porn is wrong, it’s imagery is just plain sickening. I believe it is a gateway to pedophilia.

Will Dogpatch Press survive this that is up to it’s readers. I say if you support “ewww’ CP then continue to check them out. Otherwise check other news sites including Furry Times.

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