Fursuit Parade (Confuror Guadalajara 2018)

Dogpatch Press is Losing Readers

It seems according to seranking dot com, which I invite anyone to check out. That all these scandals are effecting Dogpatch Press web traffic according to them it has been averaging 709 views a day since April 2018. Which is more than half of what it has been, when it averaged around 1400 views a day.

For the record this blog averages around 800 views a day.

Amidst legal battle, Gearbox CEO says he left USB stick of porn at Medieval Times

ARS Rechnica is reporting 

That the CEO of Gearbox left a stick filled with underage porn at Medieval Times and now is suing them over the loss. I had to say that again, still sounds to me if the CEO wants to go to prison on pedophile charges.


The Ancients Knew More than You Think

Common Sense Always Wins