Further Confusion 2019

In a Twitter post they announced: Thank you to everyone who made #FC2019 the best 20th anniversary! Our preliminary attendance total is 3850, with $16552 raised so far for @Wildlife_Center. It’s not too late to participate! Stream the dance at http://live.furcon.org , and donate at http://squareup.com/store/FurCon 

Dogpatch Press Ending?

Looks like Dogpatch Press has finally come to an end. In a recent post HERE 

Patch O’Furr or what alias they go by tries to put a spin on recent events when it came out that they both support cub porn and is a Nazi. Although those posts are no longer on Twitter they had been saved and can easily be found. So despite the article saying otherwise, Dogpatch Press Owner/ Operator got caught by his own words and now is facing the consequences. Having no choice to possibly end Dogpatch Press forever.

Being in public about your thoughts and feelings can get you in to a lot of trouble. I am very aware of this fact given all the C&Ds and threats of legal action that has been made towards yours truly over the years.

Maybe I take more risks but it has taught me really how far can you go. But lucky for me I know my limits and I am honest with my readers.

I hate anyone who claims they are a Nazi, and that Cub Porn creeps me out and I agree it’s gateway to child porn.

Considering all the allegations made at Dogpatch Press over the years including stealing articles and commentaries from other blogs including this one. Maybe it is just Karma catching up with Dogpatch’s Owner, you never mess with karma period.