What Can You Do When Voodoo? By Horatio Husky

Part I: The Spellbook

Kazard Skies was feeling skeptical.  He thought he had ordered a book about the mythologies of West African superstition, but what he had just taken out of the package looked more like an actual spell book than a textbook.  

The grey fox ran a paw through his straw colored hair, his sky blue eyes inspecting the ragged book from top to bottom.  Covered in what looked like a black, leathery material, the item in question had several strange runes written in silver on the front, with no other distinguishing details other than looking as if it were several hundreds of years old.  

Readjusting his pink stained glasses he fiddled with the bell attached to his collar as he gingerly set the book down on his kitchen table, not wanting to have it suffer any damage due to his carelessness, settling down to peruse through the book in peace.

    Kaz lived in a humble little house in the middle of suburbia, having recently found great success in his industrial electrical gig and received a generous increase in pay with his promotion, his new found income found him his ideal lifestyle.  A cute home with plenty of space for a single pringle such as himself. Lots of privacy and room to be able to do his favorite activity after work, absolutely nothing.

Recently his favorite nothing had been delving into reading books and watching documentaries about mythology and ancient cultures.  Kaz loved nothing better than to recline on his overstuffed cushions and let his imagination wonder as he learned about ancient gods, brave heroes, despicable monsters, and beautiful relics and artifacts found all across the world.

    His curiosity had lead him even to make his first literary purchase, a step up from his usual love of laziness and blasé.  However his minimal efforts seemed to have rewarded him with a frustration, for he was confused at what he saw, when after sitting down at the table he gingerly opened the front cover of the book and was met with more strange runes.  He frowned, his tail swishing behind him.

Reaching into the pocket of his pants he retrieved his smartphone, and tapped through it impatiently.  Opening a translator app, he opened the camera on the program and held his phone over the first page of the strange tome.  The app buffered for a minute, during which Kaz was beginning to consider whether he should ship the book back along with a rather nasty letter of complaint.  

    At last the buffering ceased, and on the screen which displayed the first page of the book the letters shifted, turning from the strange cryptic alphabet into a more familiar one.  Frowning, Kaz read outloud.

    “Althwin durok fes, nok diss benit est.  Tendory nil, ethel still, met durok fes nok drill.”

    He blinked, trying to attach the tongue to something, anything familiar that he had heard before.  Is this just some sort of gibberish?  It looks really old, so maybe it’s worth something.  Maybe they were doing a shipment from a museum and misshipped it to my house?  If so, maybe I could get some cash out of this!

    His curiosity now peaked and his previous dissatisfaction forgotten, Kaz was so interested in carefully turning the pages of the rune covered book that he hadn’t noticed that upon finishing his butchered pronunciation of the words in the book, the bright, cheery sunshine outside of his window had promptly vanished to be replaced with the darkness of night.  

His ears now perked up at maximum attention, his pawing through the book revealed several interesting images that accompanied the strange runic script.  Pictures of various furs wearing flowing robes with glowing eyes and various glowing symbols above their head, their hands and finger contorted into various elegant gestures.  

Kaz was particularly awed by an image of a slender, lavender furred fox, who had her arms outstretched to the side, her palms turned upwards above which floated several blue colored symbols.  Her eyes were glowing blue like in the other images in this book, except, he realized, he could actually make out her pupils and see a hint of emotion on her face. An emotion, of confident smugness, an expression that seemed to be telling Kaz,

“I know you didn’t just do what you know you’re not supposed to do, you wouldn’t want to do something that would disappoint me, would you?”

Kaz blinked, his imagination must have been hard at work for it was almost as if he had heard the female’s voice speaking in his own mind. Impossible, he thought, it’s just an image in an old book of superstition, she couldn’t have actually spoken to me.  

Still he felt uneasy, as he looked down at the runes written beneath the image of the alluring fox.  Brandishing his phone, he once again held it above the textbook and waited for it to translate the strange tongue.  He frowned, and spoke aloud the words displayed on his phone slowly but deliberately.

“Dether fen, excalibren nust enren, met tether et fenmin liko shren.”

A lot of ‘en’s’ in that one, he thought to himself, before with a poofing noise the kitchen suddenly was enveloped in purple fog.  

“HOLY HELL!”  he exclaimed, stumbling back for the table and out of his seat, waving his arms around to try and clear the gas.  He gasped, his head feeling light headed. Realizing he might suffocate, he tried holding his breath and exiting the room, but found only walls with his outspread arms.  


Kaz whirled around as his vision blurred, his shock at the whole situation brought him to his knees, and above him to his absolute astonishment stood the lavender fox from the ancient text, the smoke billowing around her as if to further extenuate the grandness and mystique of her entrance.

She wore a white robe which clung close to her body, allowing her greater flexibility than the rather stereotypical wizard’s cloak and garb she had adorning her body in the book’s portrait of her.  Her expression, however, was identical to the one he had seen drawn, and her presence seemed even more commanding than when he had imagined her speaking to him in his head.

Was I actually imagining that?  Kaz swayed, his held breath causing his lungs to scream in pain, wishing to release their pent up air.  His eyes fluttered, and the last thing he remembered before blacking out was the fox bending forward, his smug expression turning into an even more smug grin.  His vision blacked, and his thoughts vanished as he fell into unconsciousness.

Part II: The Goddess

    Kaz’s head ached, and he groaned into his pillow beneath his face.  Did I drink last night? I must have really overdone it because I can’t remember any-… Hold on…  He cringed, his eyes hurting along with his brain as he slowly opened his eyes.  

He was laying on his stomach, and in front of him he saw several white, vertical bars as well as various babyish prints themed in blue and white on the wall behind the bars.  Pictures of little furs wearing diapers and playing in the clouds adorned the wall in front of him. His vision still blurry he blinked several times, very unsure of what he was seeing.  

Gingerly he turned his head and moved to push himself off of his stomach, he felt even more confused and a little panicky as he felt several pressures on his body he had not been expecting.  Slumping back down onto his pillow he brought his paws up to his face, and frowned as he looked at them. His paws were balled up into what looked like rounded mittens, preventing him completely from being able to use his paws for anything other than just pawing at stuff around him.  

His senses telling him something was definitely amiss, he tried pushing himself onto his back but found yet another confusing presence, this time wrapped around his waist.  A faint crinkle came from his pants whenever he shifted. He looked down at what was causing the noise and his jaw dropped open.

Wrapped quite comfortably around his waist was the unmistakable shape of a diaper, snuggly taped and providing a good amount of resistance to any attempts at drawing his legs completely together.

What on earth is happening here? Why am I in a diaper?! Kaz thought panickedly to himself, as he blinked once more straining his vision to see properly.  As things began to fall back into focus what he saw did everything but alleviate his growing anxiety.  

By his judgement he was placed in a crib designed to be just large enough to comfortably contain him, a pillow guard was erected up to a foot and a half around him and his bedding crinkled as well as he moved, telling him that he was probably placed on top of a plastic sheet.  

There was nothing else in his crib besides the large, white pillow which he had been quite comfortably resting his pounding head on just a minute prior.

His vision sharpening further, he raised himself on his padded behind, his heart pounding as he surveyed the scene around his crib.  A large, brown cabinet, the biggest changing table he’d ever seen, what Kaz guessed was a diaper pail, a cushioned rocking chair, toy chest, and pink fluffy carpet surrounded him.  The crib seemed to be the centerpiece of the rather large room, as if he were center stage.

Kaz felt rather exposed and vulnerable, placed in his padded prison.  He looked above himself and saw the bars reached up several feet higher than he was tall, the entire room made him feel as if he had shrunk down several sizes.  

What on earth is evening happening right now?  Am I dreaming? Was I kidnapped? Was this a drunk prank or dare?  Who even makes this kind of stuff? Is all of this custom built? This has to be a prank…

His thoughts were interrupted as a door seemed to almost materialize out of nowhere out of the wall next to the large cabinet.  His memory came flooding back as the lavender vixen that had appeared in the cloud of purple smoke padded in gracefully, the white robe flowing around her as if from an invisible wind, giving her presence in the room an eerie sense of power and control.

Her softly glowing blue eyes brightened as she smiled coolly at the fox, standing at least a foot or two taller than he.  His cheeks reddened, realizing the rather embarrassing spectacle he was in. A hint of indignation rose up in his voice as she spoke aloud.

“Who are you and what am?MMPF!”

Without warning he was cut off by something entering his mouth, Kaz felt something wrap around his cheeks and become fastened behind his head.  He reached up with a mittened paw and felt around his maw, his eyes crossed to try and look at what had so rudely just interrupted his question.  

    Experimentally he sucked on the object, and found that he felt a plastic bulb in the unmistakable shape of a pacifier.

    His ears drooped and he inadvertently let out a whimper, how did that even happen, I didn’t see it coming at all! And… hold on, who put this in my mouth if this strange fox lady is on the other side of the bars?

    The vixen spoke, a voice as smooth as running water, and this time to Kaz’s surprise he somehow understood what she was saying, even though she still spoke in her strange tongue.  

    “Only little babies try and speak in other languages other than the true tongue, and even then little babies don’t talk.  Now then, little one, lets see if you used your diapers while you took your nap.”

    She raised her paw, and Kaz saw strange glowing runes appear above it, just as he had seen in the book.  

    Before he could further wonder as to how on earth he understood the strange words that had come out of the fox’s mouth, the bars on the side of the crib closest to her shuddered, and then began to sink down slowly, lowering themselves smoothly while giving off a bluer hue than before.  

    Kaz backed off onto the other side of the crib, his heart pounding.  What on earth am I seeing?!  Is this… magic? MAGIC IS REAL!?

    His thoughts screamed inside of him and he was only able to let out another cowardly whimper into his pacifier as the lavender foxed leaned towards him and moved her hand towards his diaper.  

    Instinctively he moved to stop her, but she only tsked and brushed his mittened paws away, he shuddered a little bit, both fearful and confused as to what this impressive figure was capable of.

    Gently she slipped a finger into the lining of his diaper and slid down, checking for dampness, causing Kaz to feel oddly infantile and vulnerable as she inspected the state of her padding.  Having satisfied that quiry, she moved her hand to the bottom of his diaper and gently squeezed and pushed the padding against him.

    “My my, looks like little kit wasn’t able to use his diapers like a good boy.  I think we might have to do a little something about that, don’t we?”

    Kaz shivered, he felt completely helpless in the presence of this strange fox.  He wanted to fight but found that he couldn’t help the strange attraction that he felt towards her, as if anything and everything she wanted was something that he must obey and do.

    His vulnerability returned as her words registered in his head, his face reddened again and he shook his head, ears pinned against his head and said a muffled, “Mow…” into his pacifier.

    The fox raised an eyebrow and his stomach sank, he had refused what she said, and obviously she was capable and more things than just stuffing a pacifier gag into his mouth and lowering the bars on his crib.  Oh gosh, what is she going to do to me?

    “Talking back are we?  My my, looks like we’ve got a bit of a naughty baby on our hands.  Nobody wants a naughty baby now, do they?”

    Leaning forward, the fox placed her hands underneath Kaz’s armpits and he found himself being hoisted onto the vixen’s hip with an apparently effortless movement.  Instinctively he clung to her as best he good with his mittened paws. He could almost feel the raw energy and power almost emanating from the goddess. He wanted to fight and refuse, this was unacceptable!  He tried pulling away from the goddess but she firmly held him in place.

    Hmf! I can’t move! I want to fight this lady but I can’t!  Hopefully my head won’t be ringing this loudly soon or I won’t be able to concentrate on escaping… God it still hurts to think… he thought glibly to himself, the world still difficult to focus on as he used her to steady himself.

    His internal turmoil accompanied him, as the goddess carried them out of the nursery.

Part III: Sweet Nectar

    The house that the strange fox walked through was nothing like the one Kaz lived in.  Spacious with walls of almost glowing pure white, the entire setting made Kaz feel as small as a child, and even as awed as a little kid as he could not help but admire how clean and warm the residence felt.

    The vixen walked through a doorway on their right, and Kaz saw that a large high chair had been placed next to a kitchen table and chairs.  The rest of the room was designed like one of those cooking show kitchens where every countertop and appliance was sparkling and immaculate looking.  

    Before he had time to properly inspect the set up, the fox had strode over to the high chair and slid the tray table out and was moved Kaz towards it to deposit him in the child’s seat.  

    “MOW!” he yelled into his gag, beginning to thrash and struggle against the fox’s attempts at depositing his padded heiny into the waiting high chair.

    “Now now sweetie, little babies have to sit safely in their high chair so they’re mommies can feed them properly!  You wouldn’t want to go hungry now, would you?”

    “Wetme gow woo bwazn bitch!”  the last word he uttered came across quite clearly, even through the pacifier gag.

    Without hesitation the fox practically slammed the fox into the high chair.  Before he could recover from being so forcefully thrust into the seat the fox had grabbed each of his wrists and placed them onto the arms of the chair.  As if out of nowhere cuffs appeared, binding his wrists down onto the chair, preventing him from moving them from place.

    She did the same with his legs, which were quickly bound to the foot rest of the high chair.  Straps like snakes wrapped around Kaz’s torso, aligning themselves into a five-point harness which held him secure in his seat.

    He strained and struggled, pulling against his bondage but to no avail.

    The vixen slowly lowered herself down to face level with the fox, her bemused expression gone and her eyes glowing dangerously.

    “If you ever call your mommy that word ever again I will make sure that your behind will be so sore after I spank it that you won’t be able to sit in a high chair for a week and will have to be strapped in a crib during feeding instead!”

    Kaz gulped, but stared back at her, fuming through the pacifier.  Who did she think she was? Sure she could conjure up some impressive stunts with smoke and mirrors, but he was an adult manfur who was good at his job and had worked hard to ensure that his life was a comfortable one!

How dare she do this to me!?  Kaz was furious with this woman, not only had she dressed him up in an utterly humiliating manner but she was even talking to him like he was just a naughty kit!

Seemingly satisfied with her threat, the fox rose to her full height gracefully and diverted her attention to various jars placed on one of the kitchen counters which Kaz had overlooked previously.

The jars of strangely colored baby food sat, labeled with horrendous titles such as “Eye of Newt” and “Nektasha’s Nectar”   

Those there… She doesn’t expect me to… That’s disgusting… Kaz was miserably realizing that this fox may, in fact, punish him for his earlier struggles by giving him some of the more repulsive looking jars of mush.

Grabbing the glass containers along with a plastic kiddie spoon the fox turned around, her smile once again returning.

Holding a jar in each hand, the vixen spoke.

“One jar contains a taste like no other, the other one that your tongue will bother.  Do you choose to be my good little baby? Or will you continue to behave, as you have lately?

Kaz blinked, taken a little aback by her rhyming.  He really, really didn’t want to have to eat whatever was in the jar labeled ‘Eye of Newt,’ but at the same type his ego was at stake.  He wasn’t just going to let her treat him so pathetically.

He shook his head, frowning at her and baring his teeth through the pacifier.

She shrugged at him, set down the jar labeled “Nektasha’s Nectar” back on the counter and approached him with the ‘Eye of Newt’ containing jar and spoon.

She snapped one of her fingers, and the pacifier gag dropped from his mouth.

He strained against his bondage, trying his best to get away from the vixen.  She slid the tray back onto the chair, which covered his bound arms, further preventing him from being able to defend himself or escape.

“If you don’t eat this like a good baby, I’m going to give you a bottle of vinegar instead of milk after this and you won’t leave this high chair until you’ve drunk it all, now open up.”

    Kazard whimpered a little, but didn’t open his mouth. The sorceress snapped her fingers once more, and Kaz’s nostrils drew shut.  

    Shocked, instinctively he opened his mouth to breath as his nostrils were no longer able to do so, and was rewarded with a large spoonful of the black goop contained in the oversized baby food jar.  

It tasted like, bitter, black licorice, and Kaz almost immediately spit it out at the sorceress.  Black splatterings of eye of newt and Kaz’s spit now stained the sorceress’s no longer pristine garb.  Kaz laughed and stuck his tongue out at her, happy at his small act of revenge and sure that he was going to get a rise out of her now.

The fox’s face remained a controlled, blank expression as in her hands a damp washcloth appeared, and she gently dabbed at the stains on her dress.

Without warning the tray table of the high chair fell off, and all of the bonds holding Kaz in the chair unraveled and released him.  

Instead of sliding off of the chair however his looked down and found the outline of his body was glowing a soft blue color, and then he experienced the strangest sensation he had ever felt.

Slowly Kaz was lifted into the air and he felt completely weightless.  He tried moving, tried struggling but found that he was floating in the air completely unable to move from his position in space.

Having satisfied her cloth dabbing, the sorceress’s now cold eyes looked into Kaz’s, causing his ears to splay back against his head.  He had done it now.

“I don’t think my little baby understands the situation that he is in yet, maybe he needs to be reminded of who is in charge of taking care of him, seeing how he’s just a helpless little baby comletely incapable of doing or controlling anything.”

Those last words stung as Kaz whimpered, unable to even form a reply.  Without warning he began to float out of the room, the fox following behind him at a brisk walk.

Down the hallway Kaz was not able to see where he was going for his back was turned in the direction he moved in, he could only see the stern, disapproving gaze of the fox accompanying him through the house, furthering his growing dread.

They rounded a corner and entered a dimly lit room.  Kaz floated over to what he realized with fear was a plastic and steel stocks.  Unable to control his own body his head and hands were deposited in the stocks, and a metallic clink was heard as a bar slid over his head and locked him in placed.     

His feeling of weightlessness stopped and he was once again deposited on his feet; Kaz found that his knees were shaking.  

The fox slowly padded into vision in front of him, tsk-tsking as she looked him over.

“What oh what are we going to do with you, little Kaz.  You can’t treat those who are superior to you with such disrespect you know, I’ll have to put you in your place and teach you where you stand, that is, not anywhere.”

Kaz strained against the stocks, trying desperately to pull himself out.  A thick collar materialized out of nowhere in front of him, and moved towards him.  The words “Baby Boy” were written in large lettering, and it floated over and clipped itself tightly but not uncomfortably around Kaz’s neck, preventing any attempts at pulling his head out of the stocks.

“I think it’s time that you put your pants to use as part of your punishment, little one.  Let me give you a little help with that.”

The pacifier gag appeared in front of him once more in a poof purple smoke, except now a tube attached to a bottle of what looked like milk was bound to the opposite end of the bulb.  The pacifier promptly re inserted itself into his maw and strapped itself around his head once more.

From behind him, the top of his furry bottom suddenly felt a rush of cool air, and then to his horror he felt something roughly insert itself into his rear.

“I think clearing your insides out while you get something yummy in your tum should do the trick, out with the old and in with the new as they say!”

Kaz groaned as liquid began trickling into his mouth from the pacifier and into his behind from the enema, he could do nothing but squirm and accept the liquids filling him, gulping at the warm milk that filled his mouth from the pacifier and clenching his furry cheeks in slight pain as his insides were filled with warm solution.

His eyes watered and he begged with them in pain as he looked at the purple fox, pleading silently with her to release him from the stocks.

The enema ceased at last, and so did the bottle feeding, just as he felt as if his insides would burst under the pressure.

The pacifier gag was removed but the enema remained firmly lodged in his behind.  He squirmed, panting heavily.

“All full baby?”

A thin stream of drool drooped from his mouth.  Kaz couldn’t believe what was happening to him, the pressure coming his behind was almost unbearable, and his stomach felt incredibly bloated, placing an uncomfortable pressure on his bladder in addition to his bowels.

A short strap was attached to his collar, which he barely noticed as the stocks lifted themselves off the back of his neck.  He floated over to the foot of the vixen, where a thick, iron D ring was located. Unable to control his movements his gloved paws and collar strap were attached to it, forcing him to kneel in front of her, his padded and plugged rear raised up in the air.

“Here’s the agreement, Kazard.  If you can not use your diapers like a pathetic little thing, then you shall prove to me that you are not a baby.  But if you fail, you will never again be able to control whether you use your diapers or not.”

Kaz moaned and closed his eyes, tears building up in them.  The pain was becoming almost too much. He firmly clenched his cheeks together as the enema tube was removed, the pressure almost shooting his bowel’s contents into the diaper as it was readjusted on his behind.

First came a leak, and then a second later Kaz’s insides released, and he began to violently fill the back seat of his diapers.  Various squelches and farts erupted from his hind quarters as his bladder let loose in accompaniment to his contractions.

He panted, almost sobbing as for an entire minute he let loose into his diapers, pausing between spurts to gasp for air, his voice cracking.

He felt something groping the back of his diapers, and opened his eyes to see the fox was no longer in front of him, from behind him came her cool, powerful voice.

“Well well well, looks like you’ve proven to me that you’re just a pathetic little kit after all.”

Kaz slumped down on the ground, feeling utterly defeated.

Part IV: The Spell

    “Are you ready to be a good little diaperbaby for me?  Or are we still going to be playing these silly games where you try and disobey me?

    Kaz whimpered, his tail moving in front of the soiled back seat of his diapers in an attempt to cover them, but it doing a rather poor job of concealing the obvious mess he had just done.  Tears drying in his eyes from the effort that pushing his mess had caused him, he nodded slightly, ears still pinned back against his head.

    “Good, I think you’ve learned your lesson, but we still need to figure out your punishment.”

    Kaz’s stomach sank lower than the back seat of his thick padding.  After all this, I’m still getting punished?  If I keep fighting back like this, who knows what she’ll do to me next…

    The clasps around his mittens released, as did the bindings to the ring in the floor to his collar and wrists.  He floated up in the air, his legs bowed in front of him as if he were floating on his back in a swimming pool. He winced slightly, as during his movements the mess in his diapers was shifted and pressed against by him the force of gravity.

    The fox stood in front of him, her hands on her hips as she looked him up and down appraisingly, seemingly satisfied with what she had put her charge through.

    Kaz could only blush as her probing eyes looked him up and down, lingering on his used, crinkling diapers.

    “I think thirty minutes timeout should do the trick, and after that you’ll be my bouncing baby kit, as well as during.”

    Snapping her fingers, what looked like a onesie attached to two straps descended from the ceiling.  Kaz quickly realized what had come from above was an oversized blue baby bouncer, the perfect size to fit him in.

    He struggled slightly, but catching a warning glance from the purple vixen he stopped his movements quickly, whimpering.  Glowing the all too familiar slight hue of glowing blue, he was brought over to the bouncer and his legs slipped through the holes in the bottom.  Attached to the straps above him were two mittens, which his paws were soon placed in and secure. A bar with straps on the end poofed into existence below him, and he groaned inwardly as he realized a spreader bar was being clipped to his ankles, driving his legs apart and forcing his own mess further against him, along with the swelled padding from his accident.

    The blue hue vanished, and his full weight landed on the bottom of the bouncer, which also happened to be right into his own mess.

    He cringed, a squelching and crinkling noise coming from his pants area as he squirmed about in the bouncer, completely incapacitated.  His footpaws barely grasped at the carpet beneath him, essentially forcing all of his weight into his soiled padding.

    “Now, be a good kit for mommy while she takes care of a few spells and enchantments, see you in thirty minutes!”

    And with that, the fox twirled around, her tail swishing perkily behind her and she padded out of the room, the door clicking behind her and leaving Kaz to his own thoughts.  

    He wriggled a little bit, squirming uncomfortably causing the bouncer to spring up and down slightly, each movement registering on the device as bounces.

    Kaz suddenly felt very alone, hanging there in the poor light of the room with his handpaws hoisted above his head.  He had originally been shocked, then furious, then stubborn, then he felt incredibly humiliated, and now he seemed to have ended on… vulnerable.

    Tears began to well in his eyes as Kaz’s resistance melted away.  This entire ordeal was too much for the poor fox, he hadn’t wanted to be so immature but in line with the confusion brought about by the book and the strange feelings that flooded through his mind when he was first picked up by the vixen had caused him to reach the end of his line.

    His thoughts no longer went to how to resist the dominating figure of the vixen, but instead how to best please her.  Her controlling gait and powerful air when she spoke was enough to make the fox feel like nothing but an infant compared to her.

    For quite a while he hung there, his head hanging low.  He didn’t look up when the door in front of him softly opened, letting in the brighter light from the hallway.

    A soft hand cupped his cheek, and raised his gaze to the vixen’s.  Her eyes gleamed with the power he had seen in them before, but now a different expression was also present.  A firm yet unyielding kindness seemed to emanate from her visage, and he was surprised when she leaned forward and embraced the oversized kit,  bringing his face close to her bosom.

“There, there, little one.  We should feel all better now that we’ve tuckered ourselves out with all this misbehaving.  Are you going to be my good little baby kit from now on?”

    Kaz could no longer find the energy to say no to this intoxicating being, his tongue muffled, still numbed from the quiet crying he had been doing whilst hanging in the room, he responded to her question.

    “Yeth, mawmmy…”

    “There’s my good little padded kit!  Now, let’s say we get you changed out of those diapers you used so well, can’t help a thing like that being such a helpless baby now can we?”

    As always, her quirying phrases spoke the truth, and Kaz could only nod in agreement subordinately.

    The sorceress fox snapped her fingers once again, and Kaz found himself being lifted out of the bouncer.  The mittens unbuckled themselves and the spreader bar fell from his ankles, vanishing with another poof of purple smoke before it could land on the carpet.

    Kaz was deposited on the hip of the purple fox, she grasped him firmly under his rather mushy bottom causing him to cringe slightly.

    “Time to clean you up then.”  she stated, and the two exited the room.


    Kaz found himself, although at first quite unwillingly, enjoying his infantile servitude to the sorceress.  True, he was no longer allowed to do any of the adult habits he had enjoyed previously, such as being able to use a toilet, but he found that what the sorceress offered him was something that he could get nowhere else.  

    The food that was fed to him was some of the most delicious kind that he had ever tasted, and she made sure that every comfort that he could have, as a little baby, was provided.  Soft sleepers, cute pacifiers and socks, even stuffed animals that to his great shock the first time, hugged him back. He was allowed to spend his days watching children’s entertainment and playing with fantastical magical toys only a child could only dream of.  

Although it did take him a while to get used to having to use his diapers instead of the bathroom, the sorceress ended up having to place his hands into mittens quite often and cladding him in lockable, baby clothes to prevent him from messing with his padding.  Although she did so with a gentle firmness and lack of cruel vindication that the fox could appreciate.

    And there was one more thing that he found he secretly enjoyed, the sorceress always ensured to instil a sense of inferiority next to her.  He was a small nothing she took care of, and therefore he must comply with her wishes and act in accordance with her wishes, which in this case was being treated like a helpless kit.  One step out of line, and he was immediately reminded that she was dominant over him. After all, what kind of a fox can be equal to another if they can’t even be expected to keep themselves from messing their pants?