Cows Get Own Tinder-Style App for Breeding

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A U.K. farming startup introduced a Tinder-style app, called Tudder, that lets farmers find breeding matches by viewing pictures of cattle with details of their age, location and owner. Users hear a mooing sound as they swipe — right to show they’re interested or left to reject possible matches.

Mark this one as real as it gets

Sleeping with Mommy and Daddy by Horatio Husky

John crept into his parents room slowly, the young joey’s diaper crinkling softly as he neared their bed, picking mommy’s side to approach. “M-mommy?.. I-I had a bad dream, can I sleep with yous?”

  The young cub’s kitty mommy stirred and blinked sleepily “Huh? Oh, sure hunny, get between daddy and me, ok?”

  John let out a bit of a whimper and blushed in the dark “I-I wet mommy..”
  Britty just smiled and pinched the cubs cheek “That’s ok hunny, you have your padding on.”

 John let out a soft giggle and crawled into bed between his mommy and daddy, mommy scooted back and pressed her bottom against his soggy crotch and giggled a bit “My soggy boy..”

  A bit later Britty woke up to her cubby shaking her “Mommy?”
  “It’s ok hunny, just go in your padding, if you leak it’s ok” she mumbled sleepily.

  “N-no, mommy, it’s daddy, h-he’s holdin’ my tail and rubbing against me” John whimpered.

  Britty rolled over and felt John’s tail, sure enough daddy had a firm hold if it and, sliding her paw down, he was rubbing his foxhood against the cub’s padding. Britty giggled a bit as Vos let out a sleepy whimper wile she groped at his member “Looks like daddy thinks your sissy, and he needs to cums..”

  John whined softly and clung to Britty “M-mommy, what do I do?”
  Britty giggled a bit and pulled some lube out, squeezing some on a finger before slipping her paw in John’s padding and rubbing her little joey’s tailhole, making the cub whimper and cling tighter. “You gotta be a good boy and let daddy do what he needs to” with that she pulled her paw out of John’s padding and tugged it down, daddy instantly started grinding against the cub’s bare bottom.

  “I-i gotta?” John whimpered and tried to pull away, but daddy pulled him back firmly by his tail.

  “That’s right hunny, daddy’s not going to let go till he’s done. I’m here hunny, just relax” Britty gripped daddy’s foxhood and rubbed lube on it, eliciting whines from him.

  “B-but.. I dun wanna mommy..” John whined louder, trying to pull away still.
  Britty kissed her cubs nose “Shh hunny..” Britty pressed daddy’s tip against John’s tailhole and daddy began to try and hump. 

  John whimpered desperately and tried to squirm away, but mommy slowly let daddy hump into him. John yipped and clung to mommy as daddy’s tip pushed into him, then quickly sank deeper and deeper.

 John started to cry and struggled more “Nooo m-mommy, p-please?”
  Britty took her free paw, which she had buried in her panties and put the two fingers that she had slipped inside her cunny into the cub’s muzzle “Just suckle hunny.”

 John shook his head and cried a bit more before submitting and quickly suckling greedily, as daddy pushed deeper into him.

 “Good boy, just let daddy do what he needs to..” Britty coaxed
 John squirmed and struggled less as he suckled his mommy’s juices off her fingers. Vos moaned softy in his sleep as he quickly made the cub take it all.
  “There. Now that’s not too bad, is it?” Britty asked, taking the fingers from her cub’s muzzle and burying them back in her panties.

  John sniffed and buried his muzzle between her breasts mumbling “How long?” he asked in a soft whine.

  Britty murred and kissed the cubs head “He usually doesn’t take too long. Push back like a good boy, show daddy you want it.”

  John cried softly but began to press back against daddy’s thrusts.
  Britty pulled her night shirt up and offered the cub her breast and John began to suckle it “That’s mommy’s good boy” and shivered in pleasure, her panties getting soaked as she watched.

  John let go of the breast and whimpered again “D-daddy finish soon?” 
  “Yes, baby, just keep pushing back” she soothed and put her breast back in the cubs muzzle. If her little cub keeps pushing back like that soon enough daddy’s gonna bury his knot..

  John continues to suckle on his mommy’s breast and push back against daddy’s thrusts, crying softly and whimpering uncomfortably when suddenly he let out a loud yip and begin struggling again as daddy suddenly pulled the cub back hard by his tail and forced his knot inside “M-mommy, g-get it outtt” the cub whined painfully.

  Britty bit her lip and bucked against her paw letting out a soft whine as she came, knowing her husband just tied into their little boy “Shh, shh, hunny” she tried to sooth, still shivering from her orgasm “L-looks like daddy decided to tie you like a good girl” and offered her fingers to the cub again.

  John whined desperately and continued to try and pull away even though he knew from watching with mommy that when daddy ties the girl she can’t pull off “I-I dun wanna be a-a girl mommy..” the cub pleaded, shaking his head and trying to resist the sweet smell on mommy’s fingers.

  “Well that’s just to bad” Britty said matter-of-factually and forced the fingers into the cub’s muzzle “you’re gonna have to be a good girl for daddy now, but you can still be a good boy for mommy.” she said before rubbing the front of the cub’s soggy diaper.

  John squirmed and struggled less as he suckled mommy’s juice off her fingers and let out a confused whine of pleasure and discomfort as his roohood hardened in his padding.

  “That’s it baby, just suckle and think about what mommy’s doing ok?” Britty said as she moved her paw into the cub’s padding, beginning to stroke the roo’s wet member.

  John just nodded feebly and suckled. Knowing mommy’s touch on his roohood, John expected to be squirting in his used padding soon, but suddenly she stopped and pulled the paw from his padding. Suddenly John was reminded that his daddy was still humping into his tail, trying to get deeper still “D-dun stop mommy, p-please” he whined desperately.

  “It’s ok baby” Britty coos as she rolls over and presses back against the cub’s crotch “mommy’s gonna do something special for you since you’re being such a good girl for daddy” she said as she reaches back and pulls the cubs diaper down in the front also. Britty maneuvers John’s roohood between her legs and pulls her soaking panties to the side, lining up his tip with her entrance and presses back, quickly taking all of her son inside her “T-there hunny..”

  John let out a whimper of pleasure and clung to his mommy as she began to grind back against him, almost making the cub forget the feeling in his bottom “T-this feels nice m-mommy” the cub stammered.

  “Uh-huh” Britty giggled and moved a paw back to her clit “Now im’a go real slow, you just tell me when daddy cums ok? It’ll feel like his knot is throbbing in you.” she said as slowly began to grind back, making her cub slip in and out of her hot folds.
  The little cub groaned in pleasure, letting a soft whine out every so often as daddy gave a ruff buck. John kissed his mothers neck and panted softly as he began to hump up into her, eliciting whines of pleasure from daddy as he tugged on the knot “M-mommy, I-I think I’m gonna squirts..”

  Britty just shivered in pleasure and let the little joey take over “That’s a good boy, give it to mommy.”

  John bit down on his mother’s neck and let out a soft whimper of pleasure as he suddenly came, trying to pull his mother back and bury as deep as he could, when suddenly daddy bucked hard, causing the cub to cry out as his father began to cum also “Mommmmy, d-daddy’s fillin’ me..” the cub whined out in mixed pleasure and discomfort.

  That was enough to send Britty over. She let out a loud moan as she came hard, grinding back, milking her joey as she tightened around him and shuddered in pleasure “G-good boy” she managed to stammer in between pants.
  Daddy finally lets go of the cub’s tail and John holds Britty’s hips, keeping buried deep, enjoying the afterglow. “T-thank you mommy.”

  Britty giggled, content to stay with her cub inside her and nodded “Uh-huh, I think you should have late-night accidents more often.” she said and giggled “Is daddy filling your bottom full?”

  John nodded with a shy whimper “Feels funny, b-but not bad..” he added, wiggling a bit uncertainly.

  Britty wiggled back against the cub happily “You’ll get used to it. Just remember, you get to be mommy’s big boy, but if daddy needs it, you gotta be daddy’s good girl.”

  John let out a soft whimper, realizing he was going to have to start lifting tail for daddy “Y-yes mommy.” he said obediently.

  “That’s my good boy, now go ahead and sleep hunny, daddy should finish filling you soon.”

  John nodded and squeezed his mother “O-ok mommy.”