Discord adjusts policy on furry ‘cub content’

It seems Discord policy on cub porn is strictly images and not text. We will have to see if Telegram follows with a similar policy.

“Over the past couple of weeks, posts have appeared inquiring about Discord’s stance on a niche area of NSFW policy, which is cub porn,” reads the blog post. A clarification in guidelines revealed that Discord saw some cub content as a “grey area,” especially in situations where the characters weren’t “human like at all.”

Discord’s Trust and Safety team that its original policy followed the United States federal guidelines, which meant that, while all cartoon art of underaged characters is banned from the platform, not all cub content fell under the same ban.

“You can see this distinction in action on Google Images which does not show results for lolicon but does show results for cub porn,” reads the post. “Discord’s current policy is that anything human or humanoid is forbidden (including anthropomorphized characters). This includes most cub pornography.”