The Cub In the Forest by Horatio Husky

The sun began to set slowly as Khan walked through the forest on that late summer day. The shadows were long and the sounds of the forest night were slowly starting to come alive. But suddenly Khan’s ears perked up there was an unnatural sound that he could hear faintly in the distance. He started towards the sound trying to figure out what was going on. He got closer and could now clearly hear a cub sobbing he could also smell the distinct smells of a camp site.

            Finally, Khan broke through into a clearing to discover a young white lion cub sitting on a rock with tears streaming down his cheeks. The camp site itself wasn’t much; a small fire pit in the middle, a modern looking canvas tent to one side and some camping supplies around a large backpack leaning against the rock near the very upset cub.

            “Are you ok?” Khan asked the lion cub.

            This scared the cub, causing him to jump out and proclaim (a little too late), “WHO’S THERE?!”

            Khan smiled warmly at the cub but stood where he was wanting to try and put him at ease. “Well my name is Khan, I own a small house a little ways from here and I was out taking a walk when I heard you crying. I came to check to make sure you were ok. Can I ask who you are?”

The cub clearly shaken and still very upset looked back at him and said, “Um…. my name is… ummmm…. Daniel…. and I am not ok and I haven’t been for a while now.”

Khan looked at the cub with extreme hurt and pity “Can I come over to you,” Khan said, “maybe I can help or at least help you to calm down…”

Daniel looked very weary but said “ok… you can come over… but please don’t hurt me…”

Khan slowly walked over to the lion cub, he couldn’t have been more than nine or ten years old Khan thought, and only about four feet tall; quite a bit less than the large tigers six feet five inches. “I would never hurt you,” Khan said, “I want to help you and find out why you are out here all alone and crying.”

Khan crouched down and held out his arms invitingly for Daniel to come into. “Come here Daniel and we can talk about what is going on.”

Daniel eyed Khan cautiously he had no reason NOT to trust the friendly tiger, and his fur looked soft and warm. Not to mention the cub instantly liked Khan’s t-shirt with the picture of the tiger in sunglasses and hoodie. So he gave in, needing love more than anything else in the world right now and climbed into the tigers inviting arms and started to cry all the harder as Khan held him and started rubbing the cubs bear back.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh… it is ok now Daniel. You are safe now and I won’t let anything hurt you. Just go ahead and let out your pain and hurt and I will hold you and take good care of you.” Khan whispered soothingly into Daniels ears as he cried.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about five minutes, Daniel slowly stopped crying and just snuggled into the tigers strong warm arms. “Thank you, Khan… I don’t remember the last time someone just held me as I cried or tried to take care of me in anyway. Come to think of it I do not know if that has EVER happened.” Daniel said as he nuzzled into the tigers chest.

Khan smiled down at him and scratched him behind his left ear. “Well that all changes now, I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. But can I ask how you ended up here and alone? Where are your parents?” Khan said nervously trying to understand who would abandon such a cute sweet cub out in the middle of no were.

Daniel looked up at Khan and started to think. “Well I don’t really know I remember bits and pieces but not much… I don’t remember my parents, I do remember being on the streets for a while, I remember being in a room with a bunch of other cubs, then… waking up here a few days ago… Honestly Khan, I don’t think I want to remember…”

A tear came to Khan’s eye as the cub told his story. He couldn’t believe that the cub could have been treated so poorly. “I am very sorry to hear that, but if you want to you can come home with me, I live away from people because my past isn’t the fondest memories for me either. I have an extra room and bed just in case and I have plenty of food. I promise to take care of you and love you like my own son.” Khan said reassuringly.

Daniel looked up to Khan with tears streaming down his cheeks and said, “You would do that for me? I mean you barely even KNOW ME!”

Khan chuckled and kissed Daniel on the head, “Everyone needs someone to love them, I need you around just as much as you need me to be honest,” Khan said with a smile.

Daniel practically sobbing again, only this time in joy said, “Okay, lets go.”

With that they were off, it was about a mile and a half to Khan’s house and Khan carried Daniel in his arms the whole way…

Khan’s house wasn’t much but it wasn’t exactly a log cabin either. It was a single story house pretty square with a long slanted roof and a couple of satellite dishes near the chimney were smoke lazily drifted from. There was a dirt road leading up to the house and a dark green jeep parked near the entrance. Both Daniel and Khan smiled wide as they approached the house.

            “Well I know it isn’t much,” Khan said, “But it is home and I hope you will be happy here.”

            Daniel hugged khan tight “I couldn’t dream of anything better, besides all I really care about is that there is someone here to love me,” said Daniel enthusiastically.

             Khan smiled and rubbed the top of the cubs head as he walked up and opened the door. Stepping inside the house both were hit with the welcoming smell of a fire burning and the warmth that it gives. They were in a long hallway that stretches the length of the house to one side a wide arch lead into the large living room, with its fireplace, TV, and computer. On the other side was the kitchen, not to big but it would suit their needs. With three other doors on the kitchen side and one more on the living room side leading to the bedrooms, laundry room, and bathroom.

“Well,” Khan said putting Daniel down, “you probably want to get cleaned up; bathroom is the door after the kitchen… um… until we can go buy you some new cloths you should… well I mean to say that they really should be washed… and…. Uh…..” Khan stammered and sutured, trying to figure out how to ask the cub to take his clothes off.

             Daniel just smiled and started striping down tossing his pants and underwear to Khan. “Awwwww… you don’t need to be so shy Khan, I don’t mind you seeing me naked!” Daniel said instantly warming up to his new guardian.

            Khan looked down at the naked cub his white fur was dirty and matted but what attracted his attention more was the cubs cute sheath and small balls still up tight against his body. Khan smiled but his eyes were glued to the cubs package. “oh. Uhhh…. Thanks…. I mean that I appreciate your trust and um….”

            Daniel started to laugh for the first time in a long time as he watched Khan stammer for the right words and the tent growing in his pants. “So that is why you can’t take your eyes off my sheath?” Daniel says warming and trusting Khan more and more, knowing that if Khan intended to hurt him he wouldn’t be so worried about his words.

            Upon hearing this the tiger literally jumps back and looks up down the hallway. “I am SOOO sorry Daniel… I just um… oh fuck me, I don’t know…” Khan said almost in tears worrying that he is already adding another bad chapter to the cub’s miserable life.

            Daniel ran up and gave Khan a big hug around his waist. “Relax Khan, I trust you, and I certainly do not mind you looking. But you are right I REALLY need a shower so try and relax and I will be out in a few minutes.” Then Daniel grinned, “Maybe you should lose your cloths might make you more comfortable if we are both naked.” Daniel said before nuzzling Khan and going to take a shower.

            “uh… Towels are in the linen closet!” Was all Khan could think to say before going into the living room.

He sat there and pondered for a while well he listened to the shower run and the warm fire crackle. “I don’t want to hurt him but he is *so* cute and I just feel like I am falling in love with him… but not in the way a parent should… should I get naked? Should I teach him about modesty? Should I encourage him to be himself?……. Should I try and make love to him?”

The thoughts just swirled around in Khan’s head but before he knew it he heard the shower shut off and then the door open. Suddenly Daniel was there, standing naked at the entrance to the living room, just looking at Khan. “Why are you still dressed Khan? You don’t trust me or just shy?”

Khan looked nervous before looking at the cub and saying “No, it isn’t that at all I was just thinking about a couple of things, I trust you completely and I will get naked with you.”

Khan smiled as he started to strip, first his t-shirt, then jeans, and finally he slipped out of his underwear standing fully exposed to the young cub and with the excitement sporting a large erection his thick pink cock fully extended out of his sheath and his large furry balls hanging clearly under the upturned cock.

Daniel just smiled watching Khan strip down and without knowing why his little boyhood started to poke out of his sheath and stiffen up to. Although he didn’t notice at all, since he was to fascinated exploring the anatomy of his new friend and guardian and thinking of how it differed to his own.

“Wow, EVERYTHING about you is bigger than mine isn’t it?!” Daniel said excitedly.

Khan blushed heavily through his fur before finally responding, “Well yeah, um… your body will probably go through some changes soon and well as you get older things change and get bigger. You have nothing to be ashamed of though I am sure that you will be bigger than me some day. But uh… that isn’t the only reason I am bigger then you…” Khan sighs, and noticing for the first time Daniel’s small erection, he sits down on the couch and pats the seat beside him. “Come over here and sit down and maybe I can explain as I see you are experiencing the same situation I am.”

Daniel eagerly bounded over to the couch but instead of taking the proffered seat he jumped right up into Khan’s lap sitting sideways his arm brushing against the tiger’s hard sensitive cock. It was at this time that Daniel noticed his own erection, and looked over to Khan’s.

“Why are our penis’ getting all hard and long like that?” Asked Daniel innocently.

This only made Khan blush harder before replying, “Well there are a few reasons why they would do that, but uh, I think that ours are doing that because we are getting turned on by each other.”

“Turned on by each other?” Daniel asked, “What does that mean?”

“Well,” said Khan, cautiously not wanting to upset the sweet lion cub or make him uncomfortable, “it means that we are sexually attracted to each other, that we might want to have sex.”

Daniel looked a little bewildered; he had heard of sex before but had never thought to much about it. “Well then we should have sex.” Proclaimed the innocent cub.

            Khan laughed a little and smiled wide deciding that it couldn’t hurt to fool around with the cub a little he would stop if he went too far. “Ok let’s have sex then, but we are going to start off slow as I show you the ropes, and please if at any point you are uncomfortable tell me and I will stop. The last thing on earth I want to do is hurt you.”

            Excited Daniel says “Ok, I promise to tell you, so how should we start?”

            “Okay, how about we start with kissing. Just kiss me normal and then follow my lead and just go with what feels right.”

            With that Khan leaned down and pressed his muzzle to Daniel’s and kissed. After a few seconds Khan opened his muzzle slightly and pressed his tongue against the cubs lips. Doing just as Khan asked, Daniel opened his mouth and let Khan’s tongue slide into his mouth well his little tongue explored it he closed his eyes and focused on the amazing sensations happening in his mouth at that moment. Soon they changed places with Khan’s tongue retreating and Daniels following it back in close behind. This continued for several minutes, with the two loving cats exploring each other’s mouths.

            Finally, Khan reluctantly pulled away from the cub giving him one last light kiss on the nose as he did so. “How did that feel?” Khan said curious how about how the cub felt about his first tongue kiss.

            “That… That was amazing” said Daniel in awe “I can’t wait for what’s next!”

            Khan grinned and looked down at the cub, “Now we are going to do something called oral sex, also called ‘blowing’ it feels really good but we have to take turns. Basically just start sucking on my penis lick it but just be really gentle and don’t use your teeth.”

            “OKAY!” said Daniel excitedly “I’ll go first!”

            With that Daniel repositioned himself so he was facing Khan and slipped the tip of his cock into his small cub muzzle.

            Khan moaned and scratched the behind the cubs ears. “That is amazing Daniel, now kind of bob your head up and down. Take as much in as you can but don’t make yourself uncomfortable.”

            Daniel mumbled his understanding around the thick tiger meat in his muzzle and started bobbing his cute little head up and down but not able to get any more than a couple of inches in. As Khan relaxes and starts to really enjoy the cub’s attention he starts to leak copious amounts of pre into Daniels young muzzle.

            Daniel surprised at the new taste and liquid in his mouth suddenly pulls back and looks up in surprise.

            “What’s wrong?” Khan says in surprise, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

            Daniel looks at Khan’s erect cock and sees the pre leaking out. “No but you are leaking out of your penis, are you ok?” Daniel asks with obvious worry for his new friend.

            Khan chuckles and gives the cub a kiss on his muzzle. “No you didn’t hurt me, I am sorry I didn’t warn you about cum. See when you are doing a good job and making me feel really good some cum leaks out of my penis. It means you are doing a really good job. You are a little to young to produce any yet but hopefully I can still make you feel just as good.

            “Oh and I should probably warn you about orgasms to, when either of us feels really good for a while then we have what is called an orgasm which is basically a sudden intense feeling of pleaser. However since I am older when I have my orgasm I also shoot out a lot of cum.

            “If you don’t like the taste though you don’t have to swallow it, you can just spit it out or something…”

            “Oh NO!” Daniel exclaimed, “I actually really enjoyed the taste! You want me to continue? I would definitely like more.”

            “Actually why don’t you let me please you for a little bit and show you how good you are making me feel?”

            “Okay! Um… you want me to sit on the couch or….?” Daniel questioned, noticing that he was not in a position to please Khan.

            Khan smiled down at Daniel and said, “Why don’t you sit on the couch and I will get down and suck you off?”

            Daniel happily obliged and sat next to Khan. Khan then got up and knelt down in front of Daniel and started licking the cubs little balls and then his stiff member. Daniel started to moan loudly as all these new and amazing sensations coursed through his young body. Khan then took the cub’s entire package into his larger muzzle and started to gently suck on the cub’s sensitive bits.

            Daniel cried out in pure ecstasy and pleaser as Khan licked and sucked on his boyhood. Then a few minutes after Khan started he noticed the young cub’s balls start to pulse and his young cock was jumping around inside his muzzle. Daniel had just had his first orgasm, and even though it was dry the look on his face showed how much he enjoyed it.

            After he noticed Daniel having his orgasm, Khan pulled back and got up on the couch pulling the cub into his arms and letting him relax. After Daniel had calmed down and his breathing had returned to normal Khan asked “So how did you like your first orgasm?”

            Daniel moaned loudly and dramatically “That was AMAZING Khan! Thank you so much! But I feel bad I wasn’t able to make you have an orgasm…”

            Khan smiled down at the eager cub and said, “Oh don’t feel bad I have one other way we can play and you will definitely get me off, uh… that means orgasm, this time. But I need to go grab something from my room I’ll be right back.”

            With that Khan walked off with a grin and returned quickly with a small bottle in his hand. He then went over and sat down next to Daniel and pulled him into his lap.

            “Now the next thing I want to try is Anal, or butt sex. Basically I will stick my penis inside your tight young butt and thrust in and out it feels amazing for both of us because I will be able to hit a spot inside you that will make you feel REALLY good. This is anal lube and should make things easier on us but it still might hurt a little the first time, so if it gets to be too much for you I promise to stop. Okay?”

            Daniel looks a little nervous but nods and gives Khan a smile. “I definitely want to try so what should I do?”

            “What I need you to do,” Khan said, “is lay on your back and bend your legs so they form a ‘tent’ and spread your feet apart as FAAAR as you can.”

            Khan gets up to give Daniel the room and Daniel very eagerly lays on the couch and gets into position for Khan. “Okay, now what?”

            “Now I am going to apply the lube, try and stay still and not to squirm too much, I know it will feel weird at first.”

            Daniel nods and Khan takes out the lube and covers two of his fingers generously before gently applying them gently to the base of the cub’s tail hole. He then rubs it gently getting it nice and lubed before finally applying a little bit of pressure. Daniel lets out a little moan as the tips of Khan’s fingers slip in and start to apply the lube to the inside of the cubs very tight tail hole.

            Daniel starts to squirm around a little still getting use to all the new sensations coming from his rear but manages to stay mostly still as Khan probes him. Finally after getting him good and lubed up Khan removes his fingers from Daniels tail hole. “Ok Daniel, this is the part that might hurt a little, I am going to stick my penis inside you, are you ready?”

            Daniel nods hesitantly and tries to spread his legs a little more for the big tiger. At the same time Khan crawls on top of him and gives him a loving kiss. “I promise to stop if you can’t handle me.”

            Then slowly Khan moves his thick hard cock to the cub’s tail hole and starts to apply pressure. The lube helps the entrance but his large cock still spreads the cub’s tail hole quite wide. Daniel reaches out and grabs onto the couch with his young paws tightly as he gasps in ecstasy and pain. In fact Daniel finds out that he really enjoys the pain of having his tight hole stretched beyond most cubs’ limits.

            Khan seeing the loving cub in pain quickly pulls out. “I am so sorry I shouldn’t have done that I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

            Daniel looks up at him with a questioning look, “Hurt me? No I really enjoyed the pain and the pleasure of having you inside me! Please don’t stop!”

            Khan frowns and looks unsure. “Ok I guess I just… I love you and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

            Daniel smiles and leans up kissing the tiger, “I love you to Khan, and I am very far from uncomfortable.”

            Khan smiles and licks Daniel’s nose before repositioning himself and starting to push back in. Daniel lets out a cry as Khan goes even deeper than before. Before Daniel yells out, “Please shove it all in, it feels so good, the pain the pleaser I love it all so much!”

            Khan unable to resist the cub’s cries hilts himself in Daniel and starts to thrust wildly. Both share moans and cries of pleasure, and in Daniels case pain mixed in. Daniels young little body can’t really handle the large cock ravaging him and his colon starts to tear but still he just wraps his arms around Khan and encourages him to thrust harder and faster. Finally Khan can’t take anymore and with one last hard thrust he shoots his whole load right onto the young lions prostate. At this Daniel experiences his second orgasm for not only that night but ever. This one is even more powerful as his whole body shakes and he moans and pants at all the wonderful feelings flowing throughout his body.

            Finally after they both calm down and finish panting Khan leans up and gives Daniel a long loving kiss which they share. He then smiles down at the cub and starts to pull out his barbs which at this time were flaring and scraping against his already damaged insides. As Khan pulls all the way out and looks down he sees blood mixed with the cum that is coming out of Daniels tail hole.

            “No No No NO! Shit! I am so sorry why didn’t you tell me I was hurting you so badly?!” Khan cries out.

            “Hurt me?! You didn’t hurt me at all that was amazing I want to do it again!”

            “But you are bleeding I must have torn your insides!” Khan says clearly on the point of losing control, thinking that he hurt Daniel the one anthro in his world he really loved.

            “Well can’t you just get some bio gel and fix it? It’s not like it is the end of the world, why are you so upset didn’t you have fun to?”

            Khan dumbfounded looks down at the young cub who is taking this all in stride. “I Just… I mean… I just… I love you and I thought I had done something to hurt you or make you hate my and that scared me… Hold on let me go get the bio gel I will be right back…”

            Khan quickly goes and retrieves the bio gel from the bathroom, a miracle of medical science the gel contains nano bots that can repair or replace any part of the body almost instantly and then disintegrate. He quickly applies a generous glob on his fingers and starts to rub it all over the cub’s insides as Daniel just lays there and smiles at his new mate.  As Khan slides his fingers back out of Daniels rear end the nano bots are already finishing up the repairs and Daniel is no longer in any pain.

            Khan and Daniel clean up the couch and each other, dose the fire, and start closing up the house. There fun has taken them long into the night.

            Khan then picks up Daniel and pulls him onto his lap petting and cuddling him lovingly. Soon after they retire to Daniels room and curl up together on his large bed under the warm comforter and start to fall asleep. “I love you Daniel,” Said Khan, “More than anything in the world. I am so happy you had fun today and I hope that our love improves both our lives.”

            “I love you too, Khan,” responds Daniel, “and I can’t wait to play with you some more.”

            With that they both fall asleep in each other’s loving arms dreaming of their bright new future together.