Viral cat videos and the man who watches thousands of them

By Kelly-Leigh Cooper BBC News tell of one Henry, a black and white longhair tuxedo cat, became Henri le Chat Noir – a character with a parodied pretentious French persona and how popular these cat videos truly are.

To quote the article:

The decision came after he made a Facebook account for Henri and fans begged him to make more.

“I made a new video and that went viral really quickly – I think it got a million views within four or five days,” Will says.

That episode has now been watched more than 10m times.

That year, in 2012, the first ever Internet Cat Video Festival was held by the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis. Henri was included after receiving thousands of nominations from the public.

Will went along to watch, and to his surprise, ended up taking home the prestigious Golden Kitty award (…think Oscars Best Picture).

The inventor of Jelly Belly has launched cannabis-infused jelly beans

In an article by Kate Taylor for Business Insider

Even though the article goes on to tell if it’s an inventor and a brief history of the company it all comes down to this

David Klein, who invented Jelly Belly in 1976, recently launched a business called Spectrum Confections that makes jelly beans infused with cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana.