The European Copyright Directive

I want to make it clear I live in the USA but a lot of my Twitter feed come from those who live in Europe and when you see posts like “Article 13 & 18 will end free speech”. It’s hard to know how to reach, this morning I was sent a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation site which explains this and why is it so controversial.

The article only talks about Article 13 and without copy and pasting the entire article it all comes down to this one paragraph and I invite anyone curious on this topic to check out the FULL ARTICLE

Article 13 is a fundamental reworking of how copyright works on the Internet. Today, online services are not required to check everything that their users post to prevent copyright infringement, and rightsholders don’t have to get a court order to remove something they view as a copyright infringement—they just have to send a “takedown notice” and the services have to remove the post or face legal jeopardy. Article 13 removes the protection for online services and relieves rightsholders of the need to check the Internet for infringement and send out notices. Instead, it says that online platforms have a duty to ensure that none of their users infringe copyright, period. Article 13 is the most controversial part of the Copyright Directive.