ALT Auction Sites: ShopGoodwill and PropertyRoom Review

I am always looking for a bargain. I heard some can be found at both ShopGoodwill and PropertyRoom. The answer is yes and no on both sites, yes bargains can be found. But you will lose a lot of that good deal on shipping. Both sites don’t offer choices and you will literally wind up paying between $6 to 15 per item just to be shipped. The worse is you won’t know the exact cost until you won the auction. Oh sure they give you an estimate on the item page, it is always lower than the actual cost. But also be well aware neither site talks about condiction, say if you by a console you don’t know if it works or not.

Shop Goodwill, I experienced another issue which caused me to both quit their site and bail on my own Pay Pal account. The fact is I bought 3 items and Pay Pal was billed for 4. Worse yet my bank says the charge is legit. So I do not recommend Shop Goodwill.

Really it depends what you looking for and keep in mind shipping costs are high. I think I’ll stick to eBay.

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