The Ursa Major Awards Controversy

This past weekend The Ursa Major Awards had opened voting for its 2018 nominees. Not that I have any issues with nearly all nominees I thought I pass along the reason why even those who would normally care about such things actually despise Ursa Major (and I am really toning this down). It all comes down to 1 video The Furry Force.

Yes Love it or hate it there is the furry force. Which 4 years ago Ursa Major nominated for an award and College Humor actually acknowledged.

This so outraged a great number of furries, by my estimate at least half who are into such things they have done everything in their power to discredit the Ursa Major Awards. Not that I am taking sides I am just reporting the facts. This one act really pissed off a great number of furries and still does. I was at a panel at MFF where they would not even allow this video to be discussed.

Good or bad things happen. But any hope of Ursa Major of becoming a major award will never happen all because of this one act. There are those who will NEVER forgive them. Especially when it won Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series for 2014.

Furry Fiesta 2019 News

Furry Fiesta 2019 was the eleventh annual Furry Fiesta convention. It was held over March 28-31, 2019, with 4,844 attendees.

The convention’s theme was “Roll Fur Initiative”, covering all manner of role-playing games. The guests of honor were:
Yonoa (fursuit maker, of The Fuzz Factory)
Riley (artist)
Jess E. Owen (professional writer and artist)

$29,429.02 was raised for the convention charity, the Texas Center for Animal Research & Education.