Zweitesich Designer Fursuit or Ripoff?

Zweitesich launched yesterday and is created by AlbinoTayerr (yes that tayerr) and features three stylized premade heads starting with a price tag of $6000 USD. Yes, I am not joking $6,000 per head something that normally costs less than $1,000.

Images taken from website

Blocky design with the logo on the cheek. They claim ease of use on their site but really I have personally seen better designs elsewhere.

Oh sure it is easy for anyone claiming they are a designer. But who is this Albino Tayerr? According to Wikifur they are a fursuiter and dancer and for the record this is their own personal fursuit.

Obviously, custom made but I don’t know who. But suddenly coming out of nowhere claiming to be a designer and making heads that to me are a total rip off. Sounds like a scam, Even looking at photos on how the heads are adjustable. Makes one thinks of stage customs, I know fursuits aren’t much different. But when they are built blocky and come with an adjustable strap they are usually made on the cheap. I don’t see anything on that even justify the $6,000 price tag.


Some fursuiters pointed out something about those heads that actually make them dangerous to wear. No Vents, it is well known that the temperature inside a fursuit can easily get to 120 degrees. But normal heads are vented, something I admit I did not know. Without those vents the chances of the wearer passing out or even going to the hospital with problems due to overheating increase dramatically. Also the chances of being sued, yes sued for selling a dangerous product.