Articles Wanted

I am very serious when I say I am looking for articles. Reviews, opinions, and experiences WANTED. If you have something to say, I am interested as long as it does not contain hate or cub porn it is more than welcomed. I still see posts on Twitter on people saying still despite issues Dogpatch Press has they still want to see their articles posted there. Unlike Dogpatch Press, My forum is open, I rarely block anyone and I am willing to make my Twitter Block List Public. I have never been caught up in anything that could get me arrested and I fully admit posting things in the past I did not have a clue about. Yes, that was dumb and I fully admit I was dumb. Unlike Dogpatch Press, I reply to messages sent to me, it may take me a while but really I do reply and am looking for STUFF to post here.

I promise anything I approve will be posted unedited. Meaning unless you specifically want me to correct any spelling or grammar mistake it goes up as you sent to me.

If I get enough submissions I might even offer a prize to the best piece but we will have to see.

Send your submissions here ahmarwolf [at] mail dot com

(I wrote my email address that way to fool spambots.)