Furry Film Festival

As promised my very first real article for GFTV Furry Film Festival

The Furry Film Festival is the very first festival of its type to come to the international furry community. While some small film festival events have been featured at furry conventions in the past, this event is a completely standalone festival, dedicated entirely to furry movies and filmmaking.

It ‘s a multi-day celebration held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA where, in addition to screenings, there will be awards, social events, networking opportunities, and more.

The Furry Film Festival is aided, in part, by the United Utah Furry Fandom . For more information, and to meet the Utah furry community, visit the U2F2 Website.
They are looking for submissions from around the world. The rules are simple the film must be 10 minutes in length and feature the theme “THE FUTURE”. It must be a new project and SFW. Although there are more details on their site, you have to September 25, 2019 to enter.

Frankly their are some very talented filmmakers in the furry community, although some are difficult to find. In my opinion, some of what is available now on YouTube look very professional. I can’t wait to see what films the judges decide is the best.

Although not all the Judges have been announced the ones so far.
Freddie Wong has developed a strong foothold in the video, film and online entertainment business, having started out as an uploader of comedic video-game related content to his YouTube channel. He gained notoriety after making videos featuring the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Pollak, John Favreau, and more.
Even though Jib Kodi actively joined the fandom in 2017, he’s become one of the fandom’s most well-known animators. Known for his short 10-20 second animations which he releases on his Twitter page, Jib’s art has helped represent some of the most prevalent themes and social subjects in the fandom. Whether it’s his quirky humor which brings a chuckle or his beautiful tributes (like his most recent animation for the late DogBomb) which brought a tear to our eyes, his work is nothing short of amazing.

Jessie Cox is well know for his fantastic videos, he was awarded the 2016 Golden Joystick award for best upcoming YouTube personality. He’s even got a convention named after him! CoxCon is a video game and YouTube convention held annually in Telford, UK and has been going strong since 2015.

Majira Strawberry is a popular YouTuber and online personality in our fandom, and a talented producer and filmmaker in his own right. Boasting over 18 million total views on his YouTube content, and a strong social media following, he is an active and motivated furry whos content has not only reached a huge number of furs within our community but also represented many of the core themes of our fandom through his creativity.

Ash Coyote is an independent film director and cinematographer from Colorado. She got her start in documentary and independent features in 2007. She worked in the film industry ever since. Additionally, she worked as a professor her at local university teaching cinematography and advanced lighting. Ash later retired from the position to transition. As the industry has changed over the years, Ash embraced new technologies and platforms with her documentary series The Fandom being released digitally on YouTube this year.

Recently Ash ran a successful Kickstarter to launch her latest project, a feature film focused on the origins of the furry fandom and exploring the community in depth.

There is one more Judge still to be announced the line up so far is nothing short of the very best.

FurScience Presents A Poll on Furry Sexuality

When someone posted a link to this poll I had no idea what it was about. But I did find the questions interesting, and yes I did complete the poll. I really rather not give out a sample of what to expect, but it is well worth your time filling out the questioner.


Except for the 1st paragraph on the cover.

You are invited to participate in a survey study about furries and the furry fandom. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. This survey is part of ongoing exploratory research by the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP) looking at the psychology of furries and the furry fandom. We will be collecting information about numerous topics with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the furry fandom and with the goal of testing the replicability of findings observed by other researchers who have studied furries. Specifically, we are exploring the nature of being a fan of furry content, motivation to be a furry, the nature of furries’ interaction with fandom-related material, sexuality (including adult content), demographics (i.e., age, sexual orientation, education, etc.), fursonas, and relationships. This survey is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes. You are free to skip any question for any reason.