Once Again Dogpatch Press Proves Who they Really Are

Backed up by Archive.Org Dogpatch Press goes on about the Save Our Sisk campaign which has been hitting social media ever since a furry named Sisk was accused of rape. For the record, Sisk did have to pay damages one report says $20,000 but was cleared of all criminal charges.

But in the article Patch accuses Sisk of being a pedophile and other charges that were never brought up in court. I encourage everyone to read it for yourself HERE

Then Dogpatch Press goes on to attack the friends of Sisk accusing them of things I won’t even post.

So what does Dogpatch Press does when they are confronted by the TRUTH and not to mention a Lawyer. Take the article down which is why my links are to Archive.org because the original post is gone, forgetting Archive.org backs up your lies. Also blocking anyone who has anything to say about this, except yours truly.

Unless I am mistaken it seems like every few months Dogpatch Press is attacking someone and using someone else’s Twitter post to back up their claim. How do we know this account isn’t operated by Dogpatch Press. It is well known in the blogging community that Dogpatch Press operates multiple Twitter accounts. The number that has been floating around is close to 40. They always end the same accuse someone of something then after a fuss, the same account is deleted shortly after.

Dogpatch Press has a history of lies and theft. It is well known in among furry bloggers that Dogpatch Press will steal articles, claim them as their own. I know even in 1 case Dogpatch Press won an Ursa Major Award based upon one of these stolen articles. I have had 4 articles stolen myself, one got them nominated while I got nothing.

Earlier this year Dogpatch Press announced after some legal problems they were going to cut back. But apparently, they hadn’t and have clearly gone back to their old ways. If I see one of my articles on their site I will call them out on it.