Why furries are fighting over ‘designer’ fursuits

DazeDigital recently did this fantastic article on Zweitesich, which is labeled as a designer fursuit and looks into the controversy over charging $6,000 for a partial.

To quote the article

Still, people were not impressed by what she was offering through Zweitesich. “(The company was) selling suits for $6000, and it was upsetting to think that someone would pay that much for just a head and paws when they could easily spend $2-3000 on an entire suit from a smaller maker,” Ohio-based fursuit maker Lauren explains.

Others were incensed that a label would so brazenly brand their furry goods, while insulting tailors. “I’m always rooting for designers, but what threw me off were the remarks about the designer suits,” furry artist Emily, otherwise known as Oomles says. “Slapping a logo on something as personal as a fursuit? Miss me with that shit.”

Tayerr can understand the community’s outrage, but explains that her prices were set with the figures she’d previously sold suits at auction for. “The way I sold my earlier costumes was through auction, so I had never been the one to value them,” she says of the controversial price point. “One costume I sold (at auction) for $8,025 was five or six years old, and then I sold a head with nothing else for $4,000. So that gave me my price range.

Which according to the article the entire brand went bust, which to me isn’t surprising who in their right might is going to spend that much for a partial? But either way the article does more than I can give it justice, if you want to know more check out the full article HERE

YouTuber Sentenced To Jail Over Oreo Toothpaste Prank

The Facts:

In early 2017, Ren filmed himself replacing the filling inside Oreo cookies with toothpaste in response to a prank challenge by one of his over a million followers. The then-19-year-old gave the cookies and 20 euros to a middle-aged homeless Romanian man, who vomited after eating the cookie, according to Spanish newspaper El País

But The Judge Said:

“This was not an isolated act,” judge Rosa Aragonés ruled in the verdict published Friday, which said Ren also showed “cruel behaviors” toward “vulnerable victims.”

Net Result: Up to 2 years in prison and a 5 YEAR ban from YouTube, who also took down all his videos and his account.