Copyright Case Involving a Ship That Sunk 301 Years Ago

Having got caught up in a few cases of supposed copyright infringement I thought this would be an interesting piece to post since a few furries have felt the same way posting their opinions on social media in the past year or so. In other words, standing there in the great outdoors filming something that may or may not belong to someone else. I won’t get into detail over Blackbeard’s Ship The Queen Anne’s Revenge, and yes that Blackbeard. But the way some furries feel about their own fursuits have been very similar and if you want to read up on the current case it can be found HERE

Nutella on Strike

Nutella executives are assuring the world that a shortage is not imminent even though the world’s largest factory is paralyzed by a labor strike.

Employees at the Villes-Escares factory in Normandy, France, have been striking since late May, according to USA Today. They have not only shut down production but also stopped vehicles from entering or exiting the plant.

In the same piece on NY Daily News I also saw this

Then I wondered “Did it have any cavities from eating Nutella”