Furries take over Edmonton Inn: ‘It’s no different than any other fan group, it’s just furrier’

CTV out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada recently did a piece on the eighth annual Fur-Eh! convention. The article contains wonderful photos and talk about both the convention and furries themselves. The article is very respectful of the fandom and the furries themselves.

Guy Builds Giants From Wood And Hides Them In The Wilderness For People To Find

Canyouactually recently posted an article about Danish artist Thomas Dambo creates larger than life sculptures hidden around his hometown of Copenhagen.

His sculptures require secret poems and clues in order to locate them. He says each has its own treasure map or poem engraved into stone to steer people onto unfamiliar paths where they’ll discover them.

The article shows off Thomas Dambo’s work brilliantly check out the article as I only touched on one piece of this artist’s amazing work.