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Rude Woman Refuses To Leave ‘No Parking’ Zone, So Construction Workers Get Their Revenge

A word of advice to any driver out there, “NEVER PISS OFF A CONSTRUCTION WORKER”. Although complete details can be found on Drivepedia what happened was this: A woman parked in a No Parking Zone and swore at a construction worker. She was there to pick up her kid from a nearby school and would not listen to anyone.

What she didn’t know that the construction crew was expecting a shipment of lumber for a nearby job…and the truck blocked her car in.

Later when she along with her kid returns to the car, she starts to scream and the police are called.

Now get this While the Police were there she floors her car to the rear knocking over the workers port a potty

The Furry Converse Ad

I am sure you are like me you heard mention of Converse All-Star doing an ad with fursuiters. You might even have saw the following:

But have you seen the actual photoshoot?