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Part Time Dragons

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Converse Goes Furry

When I posted this piece yesterday I thought that was it until I got feedback from those involved such as Furboliche the furry bowling group that was featured I am very grateful to them for providing this photo.

Along with some additional information from another furry called Patsy Pepper such as where is, this ad featured: Try Instagram. Converse official accts from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Australia, Serbia… oh and Australian and Argentina website also. Not sure about other countries.


And it is actually a global campaign celebrating different groups. So far furries in Brazil and Larpers in Peru. More to come

In addition, I was able to track down the Converse for Australia and I found there page. HERE

To quote the post

Right now, they have around 250 ‘furries’ from all over Brazil who come together to hang out, do some fur bowling and most importantly have fun.

Speaking of fun this is the image you get on the Converse home page

Looks like furries are going mainstream and now there is proof it has.