Anthro Weekend Utah News

Their recent convention enabled them to donate $2,677.58 to Wild Wonders

Total attendance 913

Next Years theme

Ancient Egypt with Arc E. Ologist and Carver Bones in “The Curse of AWUbis!”.

14 Hilariously Unorthodox Dog Signs To Spice It Up A Bit

PawBuzz recently collected some of the funniest signs that ever hit a Dog Park.

Here are just 2 examples…

Rocko’s Modern Life Netflix Special Poster and Release Date Revealed is reporting news that fans of 90s Nickelodeon fans would simply drool over. Not only do they have a special poster featuring Rocko’s Modern Life, but news of Legends of The Hidden Temple and Invader Zim coming to Netflix, and I am excited. Rocko comes out August 9th but Invader Zim sometime this summer.