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Netflix Cancels ‘Tuca & Bertie’

Produced by the same people who made Bojack Horseman, so why did Tuca and Bertie Fail? Even after watching a few episodes I knew this was going to happen and let me tell you why. Even though they had situations like any Sitcom it really was just a Sitcom, nothing special. I know some might be screaming right now but let me explain. The characters were just too “NICE”. With series such as Bojack Horseman and Disenchanted we see characters almost self-destructing and there are way too many moments from both series to just to point out, just 1 as an example. I think a majority of “Bojack Horseman” fans expected the same thing. I know I did, and frankly even though this series has its fans…I wasn’t one of them.

In fact, I can think of a couple of Sitcoms on the broadcast networks that were of the very same quality and even then some of those have been canceled. The TV even on streaming services such as Netflix have changed over the last couple of years. Just pull out a list of shows from any year and ask yourself would you even watch that series? My guess is no, and Tuca and Bertie cancelation is just a sign of the times we live in.