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Submissions Wanted

To me, it seems almost every time I head over to Twitter I see people complaining that if they want to submit something to a Popular Furry Site, they have to go through either a committee or HEAVY editing to get something posted. I make it no secret that sometimes I do get around 1,000 views in a single day which is more than 1 so-called popular site I know gets. Except if you submit anything to me, it goes up as you submit it, no editing EVER. What I want is anything that is on your mind that you are willing to write about. But I do have my Rules for Submissions

  1. No Cub Anything
  2. No Hate
  3. No personal attacks on anyone and that is for legal reasons I don’t want to be sued.
  4. If you want art posted to make sure it is your own work. This will be checked.

As far as photos go no nudity, besides that anything is open. If they are photos from cons you might even get a reward.

If you want to submit anything feel free to email me: