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Geek Squad: The Untold Truth

Yesterday on my way home from work I ran into a former Geek Squad employee who as much as he tried to convince me to get my PC repaired through them. Only confirmed everything I ever heard about Geek Squad and to my surprise, it was far worse than I ever thought.

I knew computers sometimes vanished during repairs, I didn’t know it was so commonplace that a store employee could give the customer either the value of the PC, or a replacement…without filling out any sort of documentation.

The biggest complaint I have seen about Geek Squad is PC set up on a new unit. They charge as much as $119 to do this. When I asked about this, all that former employee would say, they do more than just activate it. When I pressed asking “What do they exactly do?” the man did not say.

It seems when they do virus removal, you have a 90% of getting charged not only for removing the virus…but a new hard drive. The man said, “If their software does not remove the virus we always toss the hard drive. But also did you know they always open laptop. Sometimes screws will be missing, but they carry replacements with the store.

By then the former Geek Squad employee had to leave. I would NEVER use them period.