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Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective to get live-action remake

We all know Disney has been remaking animated films into a Live Action/ CGI feature. I don’t think I have to mention one, because you know what they are. But The Great Mouse Detective is different. I maybe the only one saying this but it is quite true. Some might look at the film saying it’s just an anthro take on the Sherlock Holmes stories, which it is to some degree. But it was a series of books 1st Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus the characters in her books are a far cry from the 1986 feature film. But even though the film was a huge success at the box office I can’t help but notice over the years of how Disney never gave the film any respect. You know since it came out on Home Media it was only gotten a total of 5 releases since 1992 now compare that to any other Disney film…it is far short.

Only time will tell if this new version will be treated any better.

Original film trailer