Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Ours is a globalized world. Climate change affects us all; no one can hide from it. The global economy means we need to think of other people as members of one global family. This is why we need humane values based on common sense and common experience in our education systems.

September 2019 Fur Cons

Sept 5 to 8 2019 FursonaCon Virginia Beach, VA USA

Sept 6 to 8 2019 Furry Migration Minneapolis, MN USA

Sept 7 to 9 2019 West Aussie Fur Frenzy Perth Australia

Sept 7 2019 FurSquare Bangkok, Thailand

Sept 13 to 15 2019 Silly Con Aleksino, Russia

Sept 20 to 22 2019 FurJam Sydney, Australia

Sept 26 to 29 2019 Minifur Chata Sauna, Czech Republic

Sept 27 to 29 2019 Furvania Ocean Shores, WA USA

Sept 27 to 30 2019 Wild North Northumberland, UK

Sept 28 2019 SoCalFurBQ Los Angeles, CA USA

Reminder: Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington

On the evening of Sept 17 I will be leaving Chicago for Washington, DC to visit a friend and do some sightseeing. There will be daily updates both here and on Twitter @Dr_Timefox