Furry Broadcast Network Update

Furry Broadcasting Network which is located in South Carolina released the following statement yesterday on all its social media platforms.

Our safety of our Leadership team is our number one priority.

We have initiated our Disaster Plan.

This plan ceases operations to team members and routes them to members in non effected states.

By doing this gives them time to prepare before during and after the storm. They will join us when they are able to do so.

To our team members in the path of the hurricane please be safe
~FBN Management

In addition

Alright Ladies and Gents
We want to say Thank you to all that have attended our “What Is FBN Panel during FWA 2018, MP 2018, FWA 2019 and MP 2019.

Unfortunately we will be Discontinuing our What Is FBN Panel, and replacing it with a new one.

Thank You

Mephit Fur Meet 2019 Totals

Attendence: 550

Charity estimate $7,300+ for Tiger Haven