Commentary – My Wikifur Page and My Mistakes

My Wikifur Page I will fully admit in the past I have posted cub porn, I fully admit this as a mistake as I clearly didn’t know any better and I fully apologize to anyone who was offended.

But clearly, not the one who wrote the addition “Cub Porn and Stolen Content”. Never made a single attempt to contact me to correct any of these issues. The first thing mention was Finding Avalon and Softpaw both have long since been removed. I would say they have been gone for over a year, possibly 2 for various reasons.

The 5 Horatio Husky stories mention, first of all, I agreed to post them sight unseen when Horatio Husky first contacted me. I wasn’t aware that they were Cub Porn until I read them. As for them being stolen, no one contacted me, even though it’s way to easy to do so. Those stories were removed today, and I am putting in place a policy that if someone wants to submit a story to me for posting I do a better job of checking if it was posted somewhere and that no story will be accepted if it contains cub porn.

If someone expects me to not accept my mistakes like Dogpatch Press has made in the past and not even acknowledge them as they do on a regular basis has another thing coming. I am not going anywhere and mistakes do happen, I even expect to make them in the future.