Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington: Day 4 The Accidental Furrest #3

Yesterday was an interesting yet emotional day. It began with a trip to the National Postal Museum. Honestly, you would not think a postal museum wouldn’t be that interesting. But it was also surprising.

Yes this surprised me, the whole place has hidden foreign Letter Boxes, and they are cool.

Next place on this tour was the Jefferson Memorial

Which was mostly blocked off due to dome cleaning, and roof repair. As strange as this sounds I think the statue felt frustrated by current events in DC but that is just me.

I decided to walk to the FDR memorial simply because the tourist maps had it so close…but really it isn’t.

I felt like I walked a half mile before I saw anything

The Martin Luther King Memorial made a point.

While I was in the area I checked out the DC War Memorial

But the Korean War Memorial was emotional for me

Yes, I did finally see the Lincoln Memorial, was it busy. I swear I saw at least 6 busses on stand-by.

It was loud, noisy and had to work your way through the crowd.

By now it was close to 90 I was hot and overheated so I eventually worked my way to the International Spy Museum which you can play spy, among real objects spies actually used.

and yes they did have items used in the James Bond films. Very cool and well worth a visit.