Boo At The Zoo Follow UP: Chicago Furry Drama

Ever since I posted my honest opinion on the recent Boo at The Zoo that took place at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I have been getting a lot of complaints from the Chicago Area Furry Fandom. Keep in mind this is the same group that banned me from 3 groups on FB after my own bowling meet was stolen. I was also banned from every local furmeet for speaking out. This is the same group that told everyone I was dead when people wondered what had happened to me.

I have also found at least 6 videos on YouTube that have lashed out at me for the harsh crime of speaking out against the wrongs that were done to me. All made by local furries.

If it wasn’t for me being active on both this blog and on Twitter, those lies would have gone unchecked. I told my side when no one wanted to listen. I still consider myself an Outcast to the local fandom. Only reinforced by the direct threats made against me on FB and I am sorry to say on Twitter. When someone you don’t know threatens to spray MACE someone on sight. You tend to get defensive.

Here I was getting my health back from my near-death illness in 2018, took most of 2019 to recover. I decided to once again make friends (if possible) with the local furries. What did I get in return…labeled a troublemaker and accused of sex offenses which I will not repeat here? Once again they label me a troublemaker. The last local furry meet I ever been to was my own and before that, I was at Boo at the Zoo in Brookfield after the photo was taken and that was in 2017. I had pulled back from the local scene during all of this. It isn’t me causing this drama to look towards your own people. This will stop, when they stop making false allegations.

For the record, you can not ban someone from a public place, or ask security to remove someone who has not caused any problems.

Also attacking someone on sight will only lead to the attackers, arrest, and conviction. Not to mention getting sued for damages.