Furry Film Festival: Stream Date and Roster

The Roster:

Controller by Tyler Scott

Josh has a secret. His friends all hate furries, but what happens when they find out he’s been one for over a decade?

Hello Bus Captain by Chirros White

A little tale about a dragon kid and his passion to drive a Bus.

Now by Hanna Smith

A fox is caught in an endless loop of different paths that all lead back to the same place

Time Paladins by Cody O’Brien

A wandering Knight from old times travels to the future to try to win a Magic Sword.

Terrestrial Terror by Jeremy Herrera

Two anthros are living their normal lives on Earth with their smartphones and video games. However, an unexpected call changed all that as they are face the terrors they never faced before

Self Help by Cainen McGuffin

Many people think about the future, be it planning ahead or worrying over the choices they have to make in their lives. Everyone wishes they could take back all the bad decisions they’ve made in the past. But what would you do if you could receive messages from your future self? What would you do with that knowledge? Is knowing the consequences of your choices ahead of time a blessing or a curse?

Little Wings by Chirros White

A dragon who’s born with little wings, who very much wishes to be able to fly.

Hocatto The Warrior

An audiobook with video visualization scenes. (No animated characters or background prop objects.) Shen ends up in an unexpected adventure after is palace gets raided and his parents are killed. During his retreat from the evil warrior dogs causing the chaos behind him, Shen sees a distant blue glow and decides to find the source of it. To his surprise he finds a sleeping stone dragon wearing a blue glowing amulet. Shen wears the amulet, follows mysterious instructions coming from it and embarks on a long adventurous journey!


Hello folks! We have the full details for the 2019 F3 Premiere Live Stream!

Here’s the scoop…

  • When –
    Saturday, 16th November @ 3pm MOUNTAIN time (2pm West Coast, 5pm Eastern)
  • Where –