MFF 2019 Early Reports

I want to make this very clear the following is what has been posted on social media and I frankly can not confirm any of this.

QR System seems to be working: According to the single report wait times, are half of what they were last year. But keep in mind Thursday is generally the worse time to get your badge. A staff member said last year’s wait times exceeded 7 hours.

Line Con Day 1: Reports have people were getting into line as early as 11AM. With Registration not opening to 3PM. It makes you wonder.

If true not a great moment for Staff: Supposed according to a couple of reports a member of the staff went over the loudspeaker system as said to the crowd in line. If you want to cut your times, you should think of upgrading. If this is true not a great moment for the staff.

I will try and verify as much as I can, by tomorrow’s report. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter @Dr_Timefox for the latest news.

MFF Gopher Tee Shirt

Makes you wish you were one…maybe next year

MFF Offers Accessibility Bracelets

In Registration (opening at 10AM-2PM Friday) or Operations Friday 2PM through the remainder of the weekend (Hyatt Reagan Room) will have Accessibility bracelets. They are a fabulous shade of purple.