MFF 2019: Sunday, Dec 8

Even though I did a couple of panels, a fursuit dance and hit the Artist Alley and Dealers Den a few times I want to focus on what is to me are the 2 most important events of the final day of any MFF.

The Fursuit Games

What can I say they make me laugh, silly events + fursuiters = I always have a great time…and this year they were giving out prizes to those who did the best during some audience games.

Here are the 2 I won

Yes, I know silly prizes for silly games, but I really always have a great time.

Lastly The Closing Ceremony

To me, it’s sad to see MFF 2019 come to an end. I could go into how 9 members of their staff were given awards for the outstanding work they do. Or how Rama, the Head of the 2019 convention who was given a special award by the Board of Directors for his outstanding work.

No most are just interested in numbers. So it seems despite all the rumors there were only 11,000 attendees. Including some last-minute donations, MFF raised $110, 956. Then you add that matching donation, by that anonymous donor they raised $221, 912 an all-time record for any convention for Felines and Canines.

MFF 2020 will take place Dec 3 – 6, 2020 and the theme will be: Intergalactic

I will be wrapping up my coverage tomorrow with little stories that didn’t quite fit in my reports.