MFF Con Suite Art #1

Outside of a couple of videos a lot of art drawn in MFF’s Con Suite is sadly tossed away. When I was at MFF I managed to photograph some of the art and post it here.

Sponsor Perks at MFF 2019

Maybe it’s just me, but I have never seen anyone even talk what it was like being a Sponsor at anyone con let alone MFF. I know the traditional answer is they want to support the con. Would you believe this is not what I found? The several other sponsors I spoke with during MFF generally gave the same answer over and over again. It seems they all hated LINES, especially the one at Registration, which is fully the reason I did it. I sorta figured there would be some sort of line, not what I found. I got there around 10:30AM and actually made the Opening Ceremonies in the Sponsor Line no less. I will admit no first row, but at least I was close enough to see things better than in years past. But in other cases, depending on whether the event was popular or not it made no difference. Getting the Tee Shirt and the Brunch, not to mention that one of a kind pin made my experience this year even more memorable. I will be doing another Sponsor Badge next year, where MFF promised better signage, also better-informed volunteers.

My Swag

Look at the lanyard, it’s already on my work ID.

Close up of the PIN

If you hadn’t noticed this was not the same pin they were selling in the Dealers Area.