Milo and MFF

Do I really have to post the quote we all know about that Milo IDIOT calling for MFF and all fur cons to shut down because they won’t give him a platform to shout out his messages of hate? Here it is Dec 12 and nothing major happened at MFF period. So what went wrong or right depending on your perspective.

Milo and his followers did not know that since that gas attack MFF is the safest con in the entire country. 1st of all the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and the nearby convention center have cameras in the 1000s. Really you have to be blind not to miss them, 2nd there is security everywhere. I have been told by a member of the hotel staff that security can reach any place there is trouble at MFF within 90 seconds. I don’t doubt it at all, it is also a well known that undercover law enforcement is everywhere during the con. The region MFF is held is under the protection of the following: TSA, Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Rosemont Police.

I personally witnessed this one man telling a friend that he had to lay low during the convention for some trouble he started and that he and his friend would be tossed from the hotel if he was even seen.

Now for the Fallout

You have to be as dumb as a rock to post your name in a hate group and still expect to keep your job.

Now get a load of this one of the following names, I am unsure which actually worked for Den Fur.

It seems as soon as Den Fur found out one of its own employees called for there destruction. Fallout will happen.

Since all these cons talk to one another they will never be working for a fur con ever again and I would bet my entire paycheck they will NEVER be allowed even near one ever again.

I think working for a fur con would be the greatest job anyone could ever have. Because your only job is to make someone happy. But when your stupid, and I will go on record saying my dog is smarter than them. You do extremely dumb things.

I call this section Fallout as we are about to give it to them. This is something else I heard at MFF and I have been asked not to name my source. But everyone on that list has been banned from every fur con in the entire country, and just try and get a hotel room, even when there is no fur con, they are now on the banned list.

The Banned List was something I only heard about after the Rainfurrest Disaster. When the equally stupid idiots who cause that mess there actually tried to get in the Hyatt Regency after Rainfurrest and during that year’s MFF. The hotel actually threatened to call the cops if they didn’t leave, and those same idiots are now on that Banned List. Why it’s very simple and it all comes down to money. These cons, in fact, any con the nearby hotels make a lot of money and try to destroy a source of income…you aren’t staying there period.