Teen Overcomes Her Social Anxiety By Dressing Up As ‘Furry’ Alter-Ego Named ‘Cosmo’

Comicsands recently posted this great article on how those with a social anxiety disorder are helped by wearing a fursuit. This really does not surprise me, over the years I have been involved with the furry community I hear that all the time. The fursuit is freeing your inner self. We all have walls we built to protect ourselves. But a fursuit places all our problems to one side.

To quote the article.

“I found for the first time I could talk about my social anxiety and how I felt alone, and other people completely understood,” she continued. “So, eventually, I ordered a wolf’s head online from America, but when it arrived, I realized it wasn’t very good at all. I stripped it back and did it up and, although looking back it was hideous, that was the start of my work as a fur suit maker.”

A fursuit really helps you can find the article here