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I believe that if we make an effort to develop peace of mind within ourselves and cultivate a proper appreciation of the oneness of humanity, we can create a happier, more peaceful world. What we need is common sense—the positive use of intelligence—and warm-heartedness.

2019 Hot Chocolate Taste Test

As the weather turns colder and you are looking for something hot to drink. Hot Chocolate is always the 1st thing I think about. Every year for the last couple I would go to various places on my travels and that they sell hot chocolate…not always with great results. So this year I decided I am going to do it right. Make an actual list and tell you what I think about it based on 3 categories #1 How Creamy it is #2 Sweetness and #3 chocolate taste and #4 give it a score from 0 to 10.

Dunkin’ : Very creamy, maybe a little too sweet, little to no chocolate flavor 4/ 10

Mariano’s (local grocery store chain): Creamy, just the right amount of sweetness, rich chocolate flavor 8/10

McDonald’s: Creamy, a tad too sweet, very little in the way of chocolate flavor 5/10

Pret A Manger: Has no creamy taste, Tart, I had to add sugar to mine and it still was quite tart, chocolate is okay except for the sweetness issue 0/10

7 Eleven: The sweetness completely overpowers the cream, has little to no actual chocolate flavor 3/10

Stone Creek Coffee: Creamy, just the right amount of sweetness, deep rich chocolate flavor 9/10

Whole Foods: Barely creamy, mine needed sweetener and the chocolate was like Hersheys 5/10

Overall I have been very disappointed in this year’s offering of hot chocolate by most places. I think this is the worse it has ever been. Frankly, I think Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix tastes better than most retail Hot Chocolate.

In case your wondering why didn’t I check some places out. It’s just like some locations like Starbucks their locations near me simply don’t have it on their menu or some it wasn’t on the menu.

There might be an update later, depending on if I can find more locations where it is available.